Artist Arthur Smolyaninov to Return to Acting Despite Being Labeled a Terrorist and Extremist: Rumors and Reactions

Yaroslav Grigoriev

34 minutes ago

Arthur Smolyaninov

Recognized as a foreign agent, and later included in the list of terrorists and extremists, the artist hopes to return to work in the near future.

Information appeared on the Internet that 39-year-old Artur Smolyaninov (recognized as a foreign agent by the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation) will star in the continuation of “Yolok”. Information is disseminated by several popular Telegram channels at once. Allegedly, the man included in the list of terrorists and extremists said that he was too harsh in his statements, but over the past year he realized a lot. Now Arthur Sergeevich, left without property, seems to no longer want to “criticize and condemn, teach people how to live,” and intends to engage exclusively in acting.

Several of Smolyaninov’s colleagues on the stage immediately reacted to such messages. 55-year-old Yana Poplavskaya also spoke in her Telegram channel. In her opinion, the disseminated information is similar either to stuffing, or to “news” from the satirical publication “Panorama”. Yana Evgenievna is ironic that the news can only be true if the “Christmas Trees” are filmed in the USA or Israel.

“He will be able to act at least in Elkakh, at least in Sticks, only if the shooting takes place in the USA or Israel. He, of course, will not go to Kyiv, he will be frightened. So don’t reflect! And we are waiting for really good films with good actors, ”concluded Poplavskaya.

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Netizens supported the actress. “What impudence, he went out”, “I also doubt that he said it. He’s a fool, but not a cretin at all. Look, these are trial balloons. They will watch our reaction”, “People without shame and conscience! Selling bastards”, “Give him five years of living wage as head of the village club. And then we’ll see, ”Yana Evgenievna’s subscribers say.

Source: Telegram

Source photo: Global Look Press/Natalia Shakhanova

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