ST case on parental leave for mother’s partner – sharply different opinions / Article /

There are several thousand same-sex couples in Latvia who raise children together, but the state still considers only the child’s biological mother or father as a parent. And it follows, for example, from the refusal to grant parental leave for ten days after childbirth.

On Wednesday, the court heard the opinions of the officials of the Ministry of Welfare, the Office of the Ombudsman, the association “Mozaika” and experts on this issue.

The Ministry of Welfare agrees with the Saeima that the biological mother’s partner is not considered to be the child’s parent and the leave is due only to the fathers.

Meanwhile, the Ombudsman’s Office recommended that the law provide for the right to take ten days of parental leave immediately after childbirth, not only for a person who is the child’s father, but also for other persons if there is no entry for the father in the birth certificate.

The representative of the office emphasized that in Latvia all families and all children must be protected, regardless of family composition and other circumstances. Mosaic also agreed with this view, stating that it would be related to long-term cohabitation and emotional ties.

On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court has not yet finished considering the case, it could succeed next week, when it is planned to hear the last expert, and a debate will follow after his questioning.

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