Spring of La Caridad: Youth Day Blood Donation Campaign Promotes Donate Blood, Donate Life

Spring of La Caridad: Youth Day Blood Donation Campaign Promotes Donate Blood, Donate Life

Framed in the Donate Blood is Donate Life campaign, yesterday on Youth Day and the beginning of spring, the National Blood Services Center (Censsa) and the National College of Capiatá held a blood donation day called Spring of La Caridad, in the Metropolitan Seminary and the premises of the Capiateño school

“The involvement of these institutions is already a tradition,” said Dr. Elsi Vargas, director of Censsa, since there have been several consecutive years of integrated work to maintain the stock of safe blood for services. The professional recalled that, on a previous day, she had 550 donors, which is reflected in 1,650 lives that have been saved or improved. Each donor can save up to three lives. Spring of Charity is organized by the Social Pastoral of the Archdiocese of the Most Holy Assumption, with the aim of instilling that this date is also a day of charity.

Since the beginning of September, several companies, educational institutions and volunteer firefighters joined the Spring of Charity campaign and collected blood among their members at their headquarters.


To donate blood, it is important to take into account the following requirements: Not having had hepatitis after the age of 10, being between 18 and 65 years of age, having a minimum weight of 50 kilos, not having the flu, cold, fever or diarrhea, do not use drugs. You can donate any day, at the Censsa, located next to the Trauma Hospital (Avda. Gral. Santos). For more information, call the National Blood Program at (021)606-364; or Censsa, at phone (021)204-668.

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