Exploring the Rich Diversity of 20th and 21st Century Italian Music: The Integration of Global Influences

Exploring the Rich Diversity of 20th and 21st Century Italian Music: The Integration of Global Influences

A rich variety of artistic expressions runs through Italian music in the 20th and 21st centuries. Avant-garde experimentation to the contemporary fusion of styles, the influence of key artists, the evolution of genres and the integration of global influences They contributed to creating a diverse and vital music scene.

Starting on Friday, September 22, within the framework of Divina Italia, you can hear the Ensemble fun at the CETC (Theatrical Experimentation Center of Colón) present three very different programs from each other which include a diverse, although narrow, range of directions, investigations and experiments undertaken by Italian music in the last and current centuries.

The ensemble was founded in 1977, under the direction of Sandro Gorli, with the commitment to disseminate current music.

Since his debut in 1981 at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, he developed intense concert activity, performing at the main contemporary music festivals in Europe, then he added a strong commitment to the educational field and the promotion of youth creativity.

Among his recordings are the work Solo by Sandro Gorli; three CDs dedicated to Bruno Maderna; two to Stefano Gervasoni, one to Franco Donatoni and thirteen monographic CDs dedicated to young composers.

Your first visit to Argentina

The Ensemble was presented for the first time in our country within the framework of the “Kagel Festival” in 2006 with the opera Our seaby Mauricio Kagel.

Sandro Gorli will conduct the Divertimento Ensemble, in its Argentine concerts.

“The invitation to present contemporary Italian music in three concerts in Buenos Aires – including its most innovative trends, but also its roots in the second half of the 20th century – flattered me and made me very happy because it means being able to bring music to the Argentine public. which, for many reasons, I know very well and particularly love,” Sandro Gorli wrote to introduce the concerts.

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And he added: “The three programs presented by Divertimento Ensemble are characterized by the presence of composers belonging to different periods of recent Italian musical history.”

In the first concert, very diverse aesthetic trends from current, living and active composers – Clara Iannota, Marco Momi, Daniela Terranova and Vincenza Cabizza – will be heard, with the exception of Fausto Romitelli: his Iconic IV for assembly and electronics.

A historical line guides the second concert with composers born in the first half of the last century. From Luciano Berio you will hear Sequence Nº6, Nº8 and Nº14 for viola, violin and cello respectively, and three works by Franco Donatoni: Something calmer in expression, Lumen y Arpeggioall three for assembly.

The third and last concert, of a more monographic nature, will be dedicated to two composers of the next two generations, Ivan Fedele – a student of Donatoni – and the Venetian Mauro Lanza and two brief portraits each will be presented.

The Divertimento Ensemble, the group will perform under the framework of the Divina Italia cycle. Photo: courtesy of Giovanni Daniotti


Three concerts, Friday, September 22 and Saturday, September 23, at 8 p.m. The other is on Sunday, the 24th, at 6:30 p.m. Room: Teatro Colón Experimentation Center (Tucumán 1171, CABA)

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