Sports roadster and luxury limousine in one. The Audi Skysphere can change length

Audi is preparing three concepts for the coming months, which will indicate its possible future direction. The first of them, the Skysphere roadster, can surprise people. For example, he can stretch while waiting and thus adapt to the current mood of his driver. And bring my driving experience that goes far beyond just spending time in the car when moving from point A to point B.

250 mm, this is the range in which the driver can manipulate the length of the new Audi Skysphere concept. Whether the roadster will be 4.94 or 5.19 meters then determines the driving mode selected by the driver. The shorter body means that the car is in Sports mode and the driver takes care of the driving himself. The concept promises “excellent agility despite external dimensions”, also thanks to the swivel rear axle. Conversely, in full-length Grand Touring mode, the steering wheel and pedals move into the bowels of the concept and the car controls itself (level four of five possible). Let’s add that along with the length, the clear height also changes by 10 mm.

He demonstrated a similar function with a changing length last spring Renault in the Morphoz concept. At that time, however, it was mainly about maneuvering in the city and greater travel comfort on longer routes, with the Audi Skysphere it is mainly about driving and the driving experience as such.

After all, the drive system, which is electric, is also adapted to this. Audi has to settle for a single electric motor located at the rear, ie the rear-wheel drive, with an output of 465 kW and a torque of 750 Nm. And even though the car weighs 1.8 tons, it still gets from 0 to 100 km / h in four seconds. Audi then states that the capacity of the battery modules located behind the cab and in the center tunnel between the seats is over 80 kWh. In the more economical Grand Touring mode, the car has to travel over 500 km on a single charge.

The concept is equipped with adaptive air suspension. The active chassis can also, in conjunction with predictive navigation, purposefully change the position of the wheels by sliding up and down while driving smoothly (for example on uneven ground), thus increasing driving comfort and features. Furthermore, the Skysphere has “by-wire” control, ie without a mechanical connection between the wheels and the steering wheel.

Although the new Audi concept was inspired by the Horchem 853 from the 1930s, according to the carmaker, it is not just a retro imitation of its appearance. In addition, both cars have a similar length (5.19 vs. 5.23 m) and width (2.0 vs. 1.85 m), but the novelty is significantly lower with 1.23 meters in Sports mode. The overall shape of the body is also different, although the long front hood does not deny inspiration in the past. However, where Horch had an eight-cylinder petrol engine, there are now electric drive components and a luggage compartment, for example, for storing two golf bags specially designed for this concept. The double-leaf opening of the front hood is also interesting.

Although electric cars do not need a radiator grille, the Audi Skysphere still retains the Singleframe solution. However, it is now a more or less delimited space backlit by diodes and with a luminous spatial logo of four circles. The two back edges of the mask also have a diode backlight and a space next to them extends practically over the entire width of the car. The front part can then play various light sequences when unlocking or locking, or when stretching the length. In both driving modes, the front sections light up differently.

Diodes across the entire width of the car are also in the rear, aerodynamically shaped part with additional storage space. Visually, distinctive wheel arches with 23-inch wheels, doors opening against the direction of travel or a small removable roof above the pair of seats will also attract attention.

Due to the fact that the steering wheel and pedals do not have to be in the car at all, the appearance of the interior plays an even bigger role than in existing cars (after all, Audi wants to offer a deeper experience of the whole ride). The primary are two large seats, if you want armchairs, upholstered not with leather, but in the pulse of time with a sustainable microfiber fabric. Eucalyptus wood and artificial leather are also ecological, the other two materials you will find in the cabin. There is a box between the seats, in which a bottle of champagne and two glasses can be stored.

The dashboard consists of several screens. In front of the driver is a large combined display of alarm clocks and a multimedia system, the front display has a passenger and the screen is also in the center tunnel. When the car is driving by itself, the driver can watch movies on the Internet, or participate in video conferences. In addition, an audio system with surround sound is equipped. The air conditioning is then controlled by both passengers via touch panels on the door.

In addition to the Skysphere concept, which will premiere on Friday, August 13 in Pebble Beach, California, Audi will present two similarly designed models with electric drive and autonomous steering. It will be the Grandsphere concept at the IAA in Munich, and the Urbansphere concept will have its premiere next year.



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