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“Speculation Surrounds Kate Middleton’s Reappearance on Social Media After Surgery”

Speculation Surrounds Kate Middleton’s Reappearance on Social Media After Surgery

Now, you see her — but some say you don’t.

Kate Middleton’s poised reappearance on social media following a reported abdominal surgery in January has left royal watchers to speculate whether the newly released image of the post-op Princess is really real, with some referring to the timely post as “damage control.”

The Princess of Wales, 42, posed with her three children in a Mother’s Day portrait that was reportedly snapped by hubby Prince William, 41, publishing the photo across royal social media accounts on Sunday with a message for the holiday.

Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day,” she wrote, signing off as ‘C’ for Catherine.

Fans online were agog to see Ms. C again — sans wedding ring, no less — after theories swirled during her absence from the public eye.

The Instagram page for Vogue magazine offered a snapshot of the myriad rumors currently surrounding the royal family.

“This is not a recent pic. She is still missing,” asserted @sanqfroid beneath the family portrait. And @pennyhbiondo said, “I believe this is an old photo from last Mother’s Day 2023.”

Pondered @thefoxphoto, “I mean ….This could had been taken a while ago lmao they’re just trying to do damage control.”

“With all that money they could do a better photoshop,” mocked @sarouchkameringue, while @monicaleticia85 wrote flatly, “Looks like AI.”

Another peered deeper into the image — specifically at the children. “That looks like an AI photo…not one for the theories either but come on, that’s not a real photo. Look at Louis’ hand? Their faces/hair? [I don’t know] doesn’t seem real,” concluded @becks_bloomwood.

Others noted alleged discrepancies in the photo, such as the unseasonably verdant backdrop.

Asked @feld_not_field, “Are there leaves and green grass this time of year in England?”

At the same time, Kate’s followers wanted to know why she was missing her family jewels — specifically her wedding ring.

Rumored @michelemarbelle, “She ran away to her parents house – trouble in paradise (particularly following the recent death/drug overdose of a royal’s bf, where W was present!)”

But fans of the royal family defended the Princess’ privacy, including “@martinawatson09 It’s so sad that this woman could not recover in peace and quiet like so many other millions of women get to do in private. The palace, kingdom or whatever should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Rest well Kate!”

The Princess underwent a planned abdominal surgery in January and has been missing from public view officially since Christmas Day.

It’s been previously reported that Kate would return to her royal duties sometime after Easter on March 3 — at the same time her uncle Gary Goldsmith, 58, is set to appear on the UK’s “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Goldsmith was confronted about Middleton’s whereabouts during a March 7 interview on British television.

“Because she doesn’t want to talk about it, the last thing I’m going to do is [talk about it],” he told fellow contestant Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu during the show’s Season 23 premiere.

“There is a kind of code or etiquette. If it’s announced, I’ll give you an opinion.”

The recent reappearance of Kate Middleton on social media has left many questioning the authenticity of the post-surgery image. After undergoing abdominal surgery in January, the Princess of Wales made a comeback with a Mother’s Day portrait featuring her three children. However, some online users have raised doubts about the photo, suggesting that it may be an old image or digitally altered.

Speculation surrounding the authenticity of the photo began when Vogue magazine’s Instagram page shared the image, prompting comments from users claiming that it was not recent. Some even suggested that it was taken during Mother’s Day in 2023. Critics pointed out alleged discrepancies in the photo, such as the lush green backdrop, which seemed unusual for the time of year in England.

One user questioned the absence of Kate’s wedding ring and speculated that she had run away to her parents’ house due to trouble in her marriage. However, supporters of the royal family defended Kate’s privacy and criticized the public scrutiny she faced during her recovery. They argued that she deserved to recover in peace, just like any other woman.

Kate Middleton has been absent from public view since Christmas Day, following her planned abdominal surgery. It was previously reported that she would resume her royal duties after Easter, coinciding with her uncle Gary Goldsmith’s appearance on “Celebrity Big Brother.” During an interview on British television, Goldsmith refused to discuss Kate


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