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“Fortnite Players Criticize Chapter 5 Season 2 POI Placement for Rendering Rest of Map Obsolete”

Fortnite Players Criticize Chapter 5 Season 2 POI Placement for Rendering Rest of Map Obsolete

Fortnite players have recently voiced their criticism towards the placement of new Points of Interest (POIs) in Chapter 5 Season 2. Many players feel that the introduction of these new locations has made the rest of the map seem obsolete.

Initially, players were frustrated with the long downtime they had to endure before being able to play the new season. However, now that the update is finally here, fans seem to be loving it. The new season, titled “Myths and Mortals,” draws inspiration from Greek mythology, introducing NPCs like the mighty God of Thunder, Zeus, and offering cool skins such as the Poseidon outfit.

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, not only added new mythic items to the game but also introduced new POIs that players must explore if they want to obtain these powerful items. However, it seems that the placement of these POIs has caused dissatisfaction among Fortnite enthusiasts.

One player took to social media to express their disappointment with the new POI design. They stated, “Should have split the new POIs evenly, nothing to do outside of the red area,” accompanied by an image highlighting the new POIs and the small space between them marked in red. This sentiment was echoed by other players who shared their frustrations online.

“Medallions are way too close to each other,” complained one player. Another player agreed, stating, “Exactly, the rest of the map feels completely barren and pointless; it’s kind of depressing, even. They should have kept the bosses and previous mythics and simply added the new stuff on top.”

Despite these criticisms, some players reminded others that the popularity of the new POIs would likely be temporary. As one player pointed out, “Well, to be fair, people will always go to the newest POI since the season JUST DROPPED.” It’s understandable that players would be drawn to the new locations, especially considering the challenge of facing Zeus and the reward of obtaining the powerful Mythic Huntress DMR.

While the placement of the new POIs has sparked controversy among Fortnite players, it’s worth noting that Epic Games often listens to player feedback and makes adjustments accordingly. As the season progresses, it’s possible that changes will be made to address these concerns and create a more balanced gameplay experience.

In the meantime, players will continue to explore the new POIs and engage in epic battles with mythological figures. The clash between mortals and gods has brought a fresh and exciting twist to Fortnite, and despite the initial frustrations, it seems that players are eager to embrace this new chapter in the game’s history.


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