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Spears has puzzled: Married Asghari? | Names

Singer Britney Spears, who is currently enjoying an exotic holiday with her fiancé Sam Asghari, has riddled a riddle to the fans – the two have secretly become husband and wife, reports The Independent.

In his latest Instagram post, Spears called S. Asghari a “man.” The singer shared a video showing turtle juveniles traveling to the sea. He was accompanied by an inscription that raised suspicions about the couple’s marriage to many followers.

“My husband Sam Asghari sent me this and said: 100 turtle chicks are leaving the hatch. Only 20 of them end up in the reefs as most are eaten by sharks. Only one strong turtle out of 100 survives and returns to the same place a year later. He is stronger than ever and is having pups. He said that these turtles represent life !!!!! “, the artist commented on the video.

It was the appeal to the fiancé that caused a storm of comments, “Man?”, “Britney tells her she’s married,” Spears fans said.

The day before, Spears shared an emotional greeting on Asghari’s birthday and a photo of the two of them.

“Happy birthday, my fiancée … I love you very much. I want to start a family with you. I want everything with you! ”She did not hide her feelings.

Asghari told her in the comments section, “There are millions of things I can wish for, but I have only one wish.”

The Independent contacted Spears for comments, but the singer has not yet provided them.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari got engaged in September last year. The singer posted about it on her Instagram account. She shared a video showing an engagement ring, with her chosen one smiling next door.

“I can’t believe it !!!” – such a lucky caption accompanies the video.

The engagement took place almost at the same time that the court ended her decade-long and controversial custody of her father.

The couple has been dating since 2016.

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