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Sony PlayStation 5: Sales, Performance, and Availability Updates

At the same time, Sony does not hide the fact that it wants to sell a total of 25 million consoles for the entire current financial year, which ends in March 2024.

From the start of sales in 2020 until this June, 41.7 million people bought the new console, according to earlier reports from the Japanese electronics giant. Sales in the first two years were not that great due to the chip crisis, the supply of stock was significantly lower than demand.

The new PlayStation 5 went on a diet, but the performance remained the same

Sony representatives have not yet revealed how much the new consoles will cost. A question mark also hangs over when the news will officially go on sale.

Photo: archive of the manufacturer

The original PlayStation 5

Photo: archive of the manufacturer

PlayStation 5 a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (facelift – 2023)

What both fives can do

The fifth generation of the TV console from Sony offers significantly higher performance, it can play in 4K at a refresh rate of 120 Hz. For example, multimedia content can nevertheless be consumed even in 8K resolution.

Let us remind you that compared to the 4K standard, 8K resolution offers four times more pixels, so compared to full HD, the image on TVs or monitors is even up to 16 times more detailed.

In addition, the components inside the PlayStation support hardware acceleration of ray tracing, in other words – games run with far more faithful details, offering a more realistic presentation of shadows and reflections. The equipment also includes a modern SSD drive. Thanks to this, the entire device runs faster, from startup to installing applications to launching individual titles.

The difference between the classic five and the Digital Edition version is only in the presence of an optical drive.

Playstation 5 disassembled to the last screwVideo: Playstation

The new game system from Sony will not make it to Christmas, it will arrive in the Czech Republic only next year

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