Sony believes launch line-up will be the biggest ever

That’s it: the next generation of consoles is here, while Microsoft and Sony are already waging a war of communication. It is up to whoever will have the best arguments to unite the players during the first months of the launch. For the time being, PlayStation 5 leads UK gamers. Without forgetting the big one disappointment Halo Infinite for Microsoft, considered too ugly for a console like the XBox Series X. So much so that the studio behind the game must now outsource to improve the final product. And on the Sony side, we continue to communicate intensive.

Eric Lempel, head of marketing at Sony, returned on the launch line-up of this PlayStation 5.

Credit: Bethesda

A line-up that would be the better of Sony’s history, according to the man.

Sony teases thunderous launch

To succeed in being in the lead from the launch, Sony has multiplied shock announcements. First, with the presentation of several games, including Deathloop, exclusive to the machine, or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, who delivered new information about his writing. And while Microsoft has already announced its XBox Series X for november, Sony is still silent on the release date of this PlayStation 5.

While waiting to learn more, Eric Lempel, king of marketing at Sony, reveals that the line-up of the PlayStation 5 will be excellent. In interview for GamesIndustry, the man explains ” I would say it is from our best launch line-up in PlayStation history“, Continuing that this is possible thanks to the work” between our Worldwide Studios teams and outsiders all over the world« .

While a lot of exclusive games are known, like the upcoming Ratchet & Clank, Eric Lempel also explains that there will be “ even more of content to come up “After” having revealed part of it« .

The man is also impatient at the idea of ​​the new experiences that developers can offer thanks to the architecture of the PlayStation 5. The technical demo of Unreal Engine 5, fully playable, on the machine, will have shown us the result that the studios can wait for the next years.

It is therefore natural that the Sony marketing manager explains that the machine will allow developers ” to create new experiences with intellectual properties already in place, or not, and that is terrible exhilarating« .


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