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Sonora returns, music returns

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The music returned to Palencia Sonora yesterday, the first great festival of the year in Castilla y León and, since yesterday, the benchmark in terms of open-air musical shows, at least during the de-escalation and until a certain normality is recovered. An example to follow because the organization was perfect: seated audience, masks, safety distance … Measures put to the test by the Sevillian band Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba and its unmistakable kinkidelic sound.

Having to enjoy the rhythm of the Andalusian rock of this Sevillian band exclusively with your feet was an ordeal only comparable to that of not being able to drink more than water inside the bullring, but sanitary regulations require and, at least, the presentens enjoyed a great concert.

The Andalusian sextet performed The New Gizz, Gitana, El Salto del Gitano, El Valle and the themes of its unmistakable sound, fresh air in native rock for a bullring that gave an ovation to Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba and to the impressive voice and style of its vocalist, Dandy Piranha.

For today. Rodrigo Cuevas and the band from Barcelona Sidonie disembark today on the second day of the Micro Palencia Sonora festival with their new works Trópico de Covadonga and El Volver de Abba ‘It will be in two concerts scheduled at 9 pm and 10:30 pm. respectively, and that will take place on the stage located in the Campos Gótico bullring. During the intermission between the two performances, the Burgos Estereobrothers will offer the dishes a selection of indie-dance, disco, 80’s and funk sounds.

The Asturian artist Rodrigo Cuevas will bring viewers his third solo show after Electrocuplé and El Mundo por Montera. In Trópico de Covadonga, the singer, composer and accordionist bets on folk agitation, electronics and humor, ingredients that he adds to an elegant hedonism adorned with contemporary choreography and a staging that combines vintage elements and video projections.

An expert in mixing traditional song with cabaret and cuplé, electronic music with pop, sensuality and social criticism, Cuevas began to play the piano at the age of eight thanks to a gift from the Kings and later studied at the Conservatory of Oviedo and in the Esmuc of Barcelona. Attracted by world music, the cabaret and the circus, it was the move to a small village in the interior of Galicia that led him to dive into the purest traditional music from the hand of his neighboring tambourines. Since then, he has used traditional popular art as a part of his show that combines electronics, cabaret, monologue, humor and theater to put different themes and concerns on the table.

indie benchmark. After Cuevas’s performance, it will be the turn of Sidonie, one of the essential names in the Spanish indie rock music scene of the last two decades. The Catalan group reaches the second edition of Micro Palencia Sonora with their latest album which, in addition to having the same title, cover, story and characters as the first novel by the band’s vocalist, Marc Ros, brings together 23 songs in just 68 minutes in which, as if it were a parallel universe, you can find the characters in the book.

The band formed by Marc, Axel Pi and Jess Senra released in 2000 their first work, Dragonfly, in which their characteristic psychedelic sound was already prevalent, although it was from 2001 with their self-titled album that the contract crossed their path. with Sony. As of 2005, they made the leap to Spanish, which made them grow even more and become one of the indispensable ones on the posters of all festivals, a category that they can still boast of today: after passing through Palencia they will perform in Granada. , Vigo, Murcia, Villagarcía de Arosa …

During the intermission between both musical proposals, the public will be able to enjoy the duo Estereobrothers, formed by the brothers Brian De Calma and Jon Fiamma, who will be in charge of entertaining the wait with their mixes and selections of indie-dance, disco, 80’s and funk. .

Tickets for the two concerts that star today can be purchased at www.palenciasonora.com, at a price of 22 euros, as well as those for Baiuca and Fuel Fandango (on the lineup for tomorrow), while those for the vermouth concert of Ladilla Rusa cost 18 euros and those of La Bien Querida, 15 euros.


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