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Solari expects America to score after 15 seconds of play vs. Portland

The América coach stressed that to give the tournament prestige, his team must seriously face the tie; that’s why he seeks to score a goal in the first seconds

The technician of the America, Santiago Solari, assured that his team must seek to manage the second leg of the quarterfinals against the Portland Timbers and he does not shy away from the idea that his managers find a goal in the first seconds of the game that will allow him to have a sporting advantage against the MLS team, after the one-goal tie on US soil in the first leg.

“In soccer it is important to score at the right times and do a good job in preparation, construction and also defense. We are very good and focused on this game. That seems to me the most important thing. Hopefully we will score a goal at 15 seconds, but the game is a process, seeking to dominate and win while always respecting the rival in front of you, ”he said in a conference.

With a view to the return match, Solar He reiterated that “we will try to dominate and I repeat: Each game is different and we will seek to impose conditions and hopefully the game will be even better than the first game. We want to give prestige to the competition as a club and as a Mexican team. We try in each of the matches to give our best so that the competition is the best possible and the show is the best possible and helps us grow and grow, because in itself it has a historical prestige and I was able to represent it when I played ” .

Asked about the VAR and the work that the whistlers have done in the Concacaf Champions League, Solar He asserted that its elements must be imposed on the field and internally stop thinking about what the refereeing work was in the eighth and quarterfinals.

“The athlete every game is a new experience. You can’t always see what happened in the previous game and as if it would happen again, because we would always be on the defensive. It’s unfair, ”he said.

Luis Fuentes will renew contract

The left-back, Luis Fuentes, thanked the management and coaching staff for the trust they have placed in him over the last year and a half and assured that it is an honor to wear the Eagles jersey. Given this, he acknowledged that he is close to reaching an agreement to renew with America, which rehired him for a year in early 2020.

“Representing them with this desire and what it means for me and my career to be here and to wear these colors with pride and to be taken into account is gratifying and not only for me, but for those who happen to it. Grateful, because the board trusted me and the coach and coach have given me their support. I hope I have fulfilled your expectations and the contract issue is being defined and I am happy. Whatever it is, I’m here and I’ll be there until the last day I arrive and carry it with pride and determination ”, he stated.

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