The reporter recently learned from the National Board of the Social Security Fund that, in order to further strengthen and improve the industrial investment work of the Social Security Fund, the Social Security Fund recently issued the “Industrial Investment Guidelines of the National Council for the Social Security Fund “.

People in the industry generally believe that the introduction of the “Industrial Investment Guidelines” will help improve the standardized and professional market image of the Social Security Fund and better fulfill its primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of the fund and maintain and increase its value; Benefits and roles, actively grasp China’s new economic transformation and upgrading opportunities, and improve the new kinetic energy of industrial investment to serve the national strategy; will help all sectors of society to further understand the concept, strategy and standards of industrial investment of the social security foundation, thereby broadening the scope of cooperation and deepening pragmatism.

The “Industrial Investment Guidelines” are divided into four parts, including general requirements, basic principles, key tasks and safeguards, for a total of 20 articles, and clarify the medium and long-term development plan of the social security institution industrial investment and further improves industrial investment management and operating system.

According to reports, since 2004 the Social Security Fund has been making industrial investments and has achieved good results, especially in the past decade, has reached a leap development. As of the end of June 2022, the cumulative investment scale will be nearly 300 billion yuan and the investment income will exceed 240 billion yuan. Among them, the cumulative direct capital investment exceeds 200 billion yuan, the investment income exceeds 180 billion yuan, and the annualized investment rate of return is about 12%; the cumulative investment of equity funds exceeds 80 billion yuan, the investment income exceeds 50 billion yuan, and the annualized rate of return on investment is about 14%.

The head of the relevant department of the Social Security Foundation said: “In direct equity investing, we prefer investment projects in line with the national strategy and related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Investment layouts in key areas such as such as facilities and food safety When investing in equity funds, we insist on cooperating with market leading fund managers, mainly investing in advanced manufacturing, new energy, next generation information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, biotechnology, etc. for over 56%; investments in people’s livelihood and infrastructure sectors accounted for more than 15% and 12% respectively. From a penetrating perspective, equity fund investment has leveraged over 1.6 trillion yuan of share capital, or nearly 6,000 has provided capital support to several companies , covering more than 6.6 million employees, won 40 national awards and invested in promoting the listing of more than 370 companies, surpassing 8% of the number of newly listed A-share companies and achieving good social benefits. “

Industrial investment has great potential to accelerate the formation of innovative capital, support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cultivate scientific and technological innovation enterprises, and promote the improvement of the industrial structure, and have enormous potential for future development. The Social Security Foundation’s head of relevant departments said they will accurately identify changes, respond scientifically, actively seek changes, and seek out new chapters and layouts with a global, long-term perspective.

In particular, the Manager introduced that the Social Security Foundation will focus on the national “14th Five-Year Plan” and on the definition of long-term objectives for 2035, will continue to optimize the strategy and direction of industrial investments and continuously improve quality and efficiency of industrial investments at the service of the national strategy; explore the creation of a sustainable investment management system that not only has the characteristics of social security foundations, but is also in line with international standards; will continue to increase industrial investments and increase the share of industrial investments in the fund’s assets.

In addition, the manager also said that the Social Security Foundation will further improve the industrial investment management mechanism and model by focusing on optimizing the direct equity investment structure, selecting equity fund partners and innovating investment models. cooperation.

First, optimize the structure of the direct equity investment. Increase long-term equity investments in strategic and core sectors, actively explore investment opportunities for new infrastructure projects, deepen cooperation with central and local state-owned enterprises, and actively participate in restructuring, mergers and acquisitions of central and local state-owned enterprises through various investment methods, Non-public offer.

The second is to select the partners of the equity fund. In accordance with the principle of “performance priority and global consideration”, management rules such as surveys with questionnaires, preliminary assessments and executive interviews with equity fund managers must be established. Include national funds, market-oriented high-performance teams, industry leaders and high-quality enterprises within the scope of cooperation. When making investment cooperation, pay more attention to performance orientation, especially investment institutions with exceptional long-term performance, legal and compliant operations and a good reputation in the market.

The third is to innovate the cooperation model. Fully play the unique role of equity funds in supporting scientific and technological innovation and high-quality development of the real economy, and use the professional skills, platform benefits and resources of fund managers to explore co-funds. -investing and investing in independent accounts and deepening cooperation with outstanding managers.

[Direttore responsabile: Xu Dan]

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