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The process of eliminating the military dictatorship to enter the regime Argentine “democracy”

republic Argentina It is a country in southern South America with an area of ​​2,780,400 square kilometers. It is the second largest country in South America. Argentina is the largest (after Brazil) and the 8th largest in the world. Argentina is located in the Southern Cone region along with Chile to the west. It also shares borders with Bolivia and Paraguay to the north. northeastern Brazil Uruguay and the eastern South Atlantic Ocean and the Drake Strait to the south

Argentina It is a federal government divided into 23 states and 1 autonomous city. which is Buenos Aires The federal capital and the largest city in the country. Autonomous cities and states It has its own constitution but is governed by the confederation system.

Argentina with the Falkland Islands and England

Argentina has its roots in the colonization of the Americas by the Spanish Empire following the Spanish discovery of the Americas. Over 60 percent of the Argentine population is of Italian origin. And Argentine culture is significantly linked to Italian culture because around the beginning of 1857 (corresponding to the reign of King Rama IV of Rattanakosin) there was a large number of Italian immigrants arriving in Argentina. This has grown Argentina’s population by 5 times and the Argentine economy by about 15 times due to the political stability and liberal policies of the government.

This massive population increase gave Argentina a huge boost in prosperity, making Argentina the seventh richest country in the world during the first of 1857 until the Great Depression. 2470 Argentina went into political instability. There was a coup and economic deterioration that brought the country back into backwardness.

During this period in Argentina A coup d’état, thus by military officers up to 6 times, ie in 1930, 1943, 1955, 1962, 1966, 1976. Most coups in Argentina have all the support of the states United. And every coup in Argentina will enact additional laws on military privileges, which is the main instrument of any coup. Until the Argentine army almost became an angelic agency without inspection. A surrealist agency is able to draw on the budget for the purchase of weapons. Up to modern aircraft carriers and jet fighters. and no secret service money

Furthermore, the occupying military junta pursued and killed political critics. activist and thousands of leftists in an operation known asdirty war“until the Argentine junta government launched a war against the British Falkland Islands in 1982 until it was able to successfully capture the Falkland Islands to use war as a means of deterrence and suppression of terrorism. The junta Argentina claims the patriotic front

It turned out that Argentina was devastated by Britain within 10 weeks, sparking massive protests in Argentina against the ruling military government. collapse and become a democratic regime in Argentina since 1983

The Argentine military dictatorship There are four official military presidents: president Jorge Rafael Videla (1976-1981), president Roberto Eduardo Viola (March-December 1981), president Leopoldo Caltieri (December 1981-June 1982) and president Reinaldo Bignone (1982-1983) (AFP PHOTO / ALI BURAFI)

Since 1983, there has been massive army reform until now if the Falklands War reappears. The Argentine army would never be able to send troops to capture the Falkland Islands, which are located 483 kilometers from the Argentine mainland. Because Argentina doesn’t have an aircraft carrier. A large cruiser and a working submarine. There were only to be 3 destroyers, 7 small cruisers, all over 50 years old. Other than that, she’s just a coast guard ship. Even heavier, the Argentine Air Force has all its 50-60-year-old fighter jets, most of them can no longer fly.In a nutshell, with military reforms following the elimination of Argentina’s parasitic military dictatorship . There were no military conscriptions and no new weapons were purchased.

Argentina is currently a developing country. which ranks very high on the human development index. which is considered the second highest in Latin America after Chile. Argentina retains its old status as a moderately powerful country in international affairs. It is the second largest economy in South America and is a member of Group 15 and Group 20. It is also a founding member of the United Nations. World Bank Group WTO Common Market of Lower South America Latin American and Caribbean States and the Ibero-American Organization

Yes ! This is because the United States has changed its policy of no longer supporting the military dictatorships of countries around the world to counter the expansion of communism. After the end of the Cold War, military dictatorships around the world were defenseless. It is necessary to accept the change or to break down naturally.

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