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“Social Media Celebrity ‘Uncle Tony’ Arrested with Two Charges, Fails to Survive Legal Battle”

March 15, 2023 – at the Technological Crime Investigation Bureau (BTC), Muang Thong, Pol. development Wat Nakornbancha, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Pol. Maj. Gen. Wiwat Khamchamnarn, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Pol. Pol.Lt.Col. Nattapong Phromprai, Deputy Superintendent 2nd, Pol.Lt.Col.Mit Khonchum, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation, Pol.Lt.Col.Mit Khonchum, to investigate. .4 Invite Mr. Charoensak Phosrichai or Uncle Tony, 45 years old, a famous influencer to interrogate after discovering behavior inviting members to apply for online gambling sites and giving money to Youth who visit live via the TikTok platform with a cash giveaway of 500 baht to a 15-year-old boy from Pathum Thani province.

Lt. Gen. Worawat revealed that as a result of the case of a Facebook page named “victim” posted a video clip of the famous influencer Uncle Tony. Got a live broadcast through the Tik Tok platform, with content persuading people to apply for online gambling Explain how to make a deposit and get a return of more money than the amount deposited. For example, deposit 50 baht, get 700 baht back, and advertisements persuade people to apply for online gambling. Then bring the deposit and follow the instructions to receive the benefit in cash back. and some period Episode of the video clip The man has called another young man “Boss” or Mr. Teeraphat. Then introduced to Mr. Boss Apply for membership in Line Add Before Uncle Tony had transferred 500 baht to Mr. Boss’s bank account as compensation.

Later, the investigative team made it known that the boss that Uncle Tony mentioned in the video clip was Master Thiraphat (surname reserved), 15 years old, a youth from Pathum Thani province. therefore collecting evidence before requesting the jurisdiction of the Phetchabun Provincial Court Issued a search warrant No. 60-62/2566 dated March 13, searched the house number 138,144, 145 Moo 14, Tha Phon Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchabun District, Phetchabun Province, which is the house of Mr. Charoensak Phosrichai or uncle. Tony to check

Initial search and seizure of mobile phones along with several evidence documents to check However, after examining the mobile phone, a conversation was found through the Messenger program between Uncle Tony and a person on February 21. In essence, it is that a person has Chat to Uncle Tony’s page. which the admin of the page has answered At first, the admin asked what products he wanted to order. But it turns out that the destination has replied, “Promote How do you think about the price?” Before the admin asked what kind of work The destination has clearly stated that live gambling sites Before admin asked for Line ID for Uncle Tony to add.

Mr. Charoensak revealed that he had actually committed an offense. which had previously been contacted by multiple avatar accounts hired to persuade people to play online gambling By receiving a wage of 3,000 baht or more, he therefore accepted this job and had a live broadcast through the TikTok application, allowing interested parties to add Line. and click on the online gambling website link After that, there will be money to top up and enter to gamble. which has advertisements inviting that when top-up into the system will receive more money than the actual amount added There was also a transfer of money to one of the children in the middle of the live broadcast. After that child has applied for membership to add a stunned look to the live broadcast at that time which confirms that the child is not a shill not known before And just came to know after the live broadcast that the person who transferred the money to be a youth After knowing about his identity, he felt bad. and feel very guilty because that child was about the same age as your own child

As for the reason why you have to be hired to persuade online gambling He admitted that he was struggling with money. Because there are people who come to ask for help, asking for a lot of work, whether it’s the animals on the farm. He had to bear the burden of expenses for both workers. and fodder which each month has a relatively high amount thus causing him to be astray in doing such acts In which that live broadcast was the first and only time that was a live broadcast inviting online gambling. After this, he did not dare to do it again. After learning about his identity, he hurried to meet with the police. did not escape However, he would like to apologize. and ask for opportunities from society and those who follow themselves He will not do this again. will continue to look forward to work and honest career

Initially, he reported 2 charges: 1. Directly or indirectly persuading others to gamble or gamble (Gambling Act 1935, Section 12), with a penalty of imprisonment of not more than 2 years or a fine of not more than 2,000 baht or both.

2. Induce and encourage children to behave inappropriately. Or is likely to cause the child to behave at risk of wrongdoing. (Child Protection Act 2003 Section 26 (3), 78)” has a penalty of imprisonment of not more than 3 months or a fine of not more than 30,000 baht or both. before being taken to the investigating officer, Royal Thai Police 1, to prosecute according to the law

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