Social democratic parties Chen Baoying, Zhou Jiafa and Yu Weibin were arrested. The ICAC took over the investigation: suspected of inciting others to boycott the District Council election through public activities.

It is reported that the social democratic party Chen Baoying, Zhou Jiafa and Yu Weibin were arrested in Central and were originally scheduled to protest against Li Jiachao at Bishop Ko’s College.

[Yahoo News Report]”Yahoo News” received news that the Chairman of the Social Democratic League Chen Baoying, the Vice Chairman of External Affairs Zhou Jiafa, and the Vice Chairman of Internal Affairs Yu Weibin were arrested at the Chinese Bank in Central and were taken to the Central District Police Station for investigation. The Independent Commission Against Corruption issued a statement in the evening confirming that three people arrested by the police in Central this morning were arrested by the ICAC on suspicion of violating Section 27A of the Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance. The case has been handed over to the ICAC for investigation.

Today (the 10th) is the voting day for the district council election. The Social Democratic League itself plans to go outside the Bishop’s College in the morning to protest to Chief Executive Li Jiachao who is attending the vote.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption stated that the three arrested persons were two men and one woman, aged between 31 and 67. They were suspected of using public events to incite others to boycott the 2023 District Council Ordinary Election (District Council Election), and were suspected of violating Section 27A of the Election Ordinance. Article, namely “using public activities during an election period to incite another person not to vote or to cast an invalid vote.”

The police responded to inquiries from “Yahoo News” and stated that officers from the Central District Police Station intercepted two men and a woman at Queen’s Road Central near Pedder Street at about 8 o’clock this morning. After preliminary investigation, they suspected that the three persons were aged between 31 and A 67-year-old man and woman attempted to incite others to interfere with the District Council election, and the officers arrested the three men and women. They are currently being detained for investigation.

The Social Democratic League issued a statement stating that the three people had been followed and monitored after leaving their homes this morning. Then they were stopped by the police at the Chinese Walk in Central on their way to the designated demonstration site. The police did not arrange a demonstration area to protect their due rights to demonstrate, but instead stopped them. A search was carried out and he was arrested for “attempting to incite others to interfere with the District Council election”. It is believed that this move seriously infringes on their freedom of demonstration, especially on the day of the District Council election, which should be open to public opinion. However, the SAR government is afraid of demonstrations and obstructs dissent. It is very ironic. Demand that the police immediately release Chen Baoying, Zhou Jiafa and Yu Weibin, and ask the SAR government to change its course and give Hong Kong people a real right to vote and stand for election.

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