Soccer players Lille will leave coach Galtier after the championship season

Lewis Joly, ČTK / AP

Fifty-four-year-old Galtier joined the team in 2017 after eight years in St. Petersburg. Etienne. Two days after winning the trophy, he informed President Olivier Letang that he would like to move on.

“I have informed the President that I am leaving,” Galtier told L’Equipe. “I’m just convinced that my time has come here. The four-year cycle is just as long for the coach,” he added.

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“I’m leaving Lille with an amazing result, I need something else now. I don’t want to get into a routine,” added the coach, who was close to the former owner and chairman Gerard Lopez in Lille. He left the club in December due to financial difficulties.

Lille footballers won their first title since 2011 after a weekend 2-0 win over Angers and finished the season with 83 points, a club record.

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