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A simple blood test can detect Alzheimer’s disease

A simple blood test can detect Alzheimer’s disease up to 4 years before the onset of symptoms, according to researchers at Lund University in Sweden, who have developed an algorithm that combines data from a simple blood test and short memory tests.

They claim that the new diagnostic method was 90% accurate, in the context in which up to 30% of Alzheimer’s patients remain undiagnosed, says Professor Oskar Hannson. Now, early detection would give patients a chance to slow the progression of the disease.

“No significant progress has been made in identifying the disease for 100 years. If we had screening programs that allow a very good cost-effectiveness and with a high specificity, ie to be able to identify patients with Alzheimer’s disease, collecting blood, for example, through minor interventions, then I would introduce the treatment quite early so that its efficiency is significant “, says the psychiatrist Mihai Găină.

In 2019 there were over 50 million with various forms of dementia, and their number is constantly growing, by 2050 their number could exceed 150 million.

The method by which you can prevent the disease has not been discovered, but it is important to use your brain, read and lead a balanced life.

“It’s a sleep hygiene, a removal of these objects that emit blue light and prevent the secretion of melatonin and the way it works, to have at least four cycles of sleep of an hour and a half every night, if possible between 22:00 and 02:00 ”, recommends the psychiatrist, quoted by Mediafax.

Romania, the country where the population ages and the birth rate decreases, risks becoming a place of people without memory. Every three seconds, someone in the world develops dementia, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS). We currently have approximately 350,000 people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, well above the European average.

“It is, on the one hand, the struggle of the scientific world, but there is also an individual struggle. Each of us can do something about it. And those who should be alarmed are the ones who have Alzheimer’s disease in their family “, says Mihai Găină.

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