SNI Bricks That Surprise Jokowi


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was really surprised because the bricks had to pass the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) test to enter the e-catalog. He considered it difficult for local products to compete.

Jokowi’s surprise was conveyed during the Evaluation of the Proud Affirmation Action Made in Indonesia as seen on the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube channel, Tuesday (24/5/2022).

Jokowi initially asked LKPP not to make difficult conditions for local products to enter the e-catalog. He said that not all products can meet the requirements such as SNI obligations.

“I have told the head of LKPP, don’t complicate things like before. All products must be SNI, all products must be SNI, whichever is small. Where can local products be if asked for SNI, all of them,” said Jokowi.

“Now it is not mandatory, now what is mandatory is only items related to safety, it must be SNI, for example helmets,” he continued.

Jokowi admitted that he was surprised if the bricks were asked for SNI. According to him, it doesn’t make sense.

“But when bricks ask for SNI, when will they be able to enter the e-catalogue, it’s impossible. Our logics sometimes bump into each other. Stones are asked for SNI, sand is asked for SNI,” he said.

About SNI Brick

SNI for brick itself can be seen from the website of the National Standardization Agency (BSN). In that site, there are at least 10 SNIs for red bricks.

Following are the numbers, titles and status of SNI related to bricks listed on the BSN website:

1. SNI 03-4166-1996, The method of testing the shear strength of red masonry walls in the laboratory, is still valid

2. SNI 03-4165-1996, the method of testing the flexural strength of red masonry walls in the laboratory, is still valid

3. SNI 03-4164-1996, The method of testing the compressive strength of red masonry walls in the laboratory, is still valid

4. SNI 15-4063-1996, Specifications and construction of wood for hollow red brick, still valid

5. SNI 15-3355-1994, Dai red brick cladding, still in force

6. SNI 15-2094-2000, Solid red brick for wall pair, still applies

7. SNI 15-1328-1989, Solid red brick, conditions of acceptance, still in force

8. SNI 15-0686-1989, Filigree red brick, still in force

9. SNI 15-0554-1989, Red brick cladding, quality and method of testing, still applicable

10. SNI 15-0553-1989, Perforated red brick, quality and test method, still applicable.

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Watch Video: Jokowi about Local Products in e-Catalog: SNI Is Not Mandatory!

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