Smouha cancels the contract with the Al-Ahly player due to the rebellion

Masoulou Smouha ended the contract with defender Karim Yahya Al-Maar from Al-Ahly and the player was informed of the termination of the contract with him after the rebellion against his technical director Ahmed Sami and the objection in an inappropriate manner after the match between Al-Ittihad Al-Iskandariya yesterday, and Ahmed Sami, the technical director of Samouha, was not satisfied with the termination of the contract with Karim Yahya, and he signed a penalty A sum of 20 thousand pounds, due to him as a result of his reaction to not participating in the Alexandria Union.

It is worth noting that Karim Yahya’s loan is extended for a full year, but the presence of more than one player, such as Ahmed Jamal and Sherif Reda, and the lack of participation, hastened to dispense with the player’s efforts with his team.

Ahmed Sami gave the players a 48-hour rest after the players’ insistence, as they were supposed to have a rest of 24 hours only, but the state of fatigue experienced by the players and the victory over the Alexandrian Federation and the exclusivity in the fifth place are all factors that led to the approval of the rest, and to return in preparation for facing Egypt, the clearing next Friday in the round matches. The 33rd of the Premier League.


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