Roxeanne Hazes wants to become a child coach | Entertainment

entertainment“>“I’ve always seen music as an outlet, but no. I really wanted to become a child psychologist, ”she answered in her Instagram Stories on Saturday when a follower asked if she always wanted to make music. Roxeanne’s heart still lies with coaching. “I was bullied a lot as a child. And now that I am a mother myself, the dream of becoming a child coach is even bigger. I’ve already found the perfect study. When there is more peace in the future, I can realize that dream. ”

entertainment“>The singer herself also has a therapist, she said to a follower who asked how she is doing. “For me, the corona period represents rest, finding self-love and growth. I have been in therapy for a few months now and I really enjoy that. ”

entertainment“>Roxeanne can therefore deal better with obstacles, she said. “And there were a lot of them. And since that peace I have also rediscovered the love for music. So nice!”

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