Sinopharm’s mRNA Vaccines: Effective Defense Against Monkeypox

Sinopharm’s mRNA Vaccines: Effective Defense Against Monkeypox

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Beijing, Bolong.Id – Three mRNA vaccines developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm) can ward off monkey pox.

Reporting from the Global Times, Tuesday (26/09/2023) the research involved three mRNA vaccines that fully protected mice from a lethal dose of vaccinia virus (VACV) challenge, according to a Nature Communications report, Saturday.

The results show that the vaccine improves immunogenicity and may be a viable alternative to currently available whole-virus vaccines to defend against monkeypox, the report said.

The research also shows the superiority of mRNA vaccines.

While this study provides valuable insight into the efficacy of mRNA vaccines against monkeypox, it also notes that there are several limitations, but there will be further trials to overcome these limitations and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the potential of mRNA vaccines against monkeypox.

The number of monkeypox infections continued to rise in August in China with a total of 501 cases reported, five of which were women. This is the first time monkeypox infection in women has been reported in China.

The number was 106 in June and 491 in July. China’s national health authorities have stepped up management of monkeypox infections, placing them under Class B infection management equivalent to COVID-19 since September 20.

It is inevitable that the virus will spread to women and there is a possibility that family transmission could occur in the future, Li Tongzeng, director of the infectious diseases department at Beijing You’an Hospital, told media.

The virus is mainly transmitted through direct contact with skin or mucous membranes, according to China’s national health authorities.

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By promptly identifying infected cases and isolating and treating them in a timely manner, transmission of monkeypox can be avoided and ultimately controlled, authorities say.

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