Singer Ivan Dorn reveals why he has hidden his wife and children for 14 years

Russian pop star Ivan Dorn has always diligently concealed his private life, refusing to reveal any details of his private life. So many were surprised when the musician attended a social event with his beloved.

Russia took found that Ivan and his wife met at school, at first they studied in different classes, but later the classes were merged.

The future spouses also lived opposite each other, which promoted friendship. Later, the friendship has grown into much warmer feelings, which the couple still holds in their hearts today.

For a long time, Dorn was considered one of the most noble bachelors, he won the hearts of many women with his stage charm and heartfelt lyrics, almost no one knew that the bachelor was actually a married man.

“We had an agreement that private life is not published. It is very difficult when one of the pair is in the spotlight. “I didn’t want to be seen only as Ivan’s wife, to associate with him – it was easier to stay in the shadows so that no one would know that Ivan was my husband,” explains Anastasia.

The couple decided together that the children should not be touched by their father’s fame without disclosing the relationship, everything went great – little attention, no hope and no comments.

Dorn never showed photos of his wife or children hiding seven-year-old Vasilis and six-year-old Ivan.

“Yes, I am egocentric, like any artist. The question does not lie in who will be the most popular in our family, but in how fame will affect our relationships, intimacy, family, ”Ivan reveals to the press.

Anastasia is engaged in design, she helps her husband discover a cultural space in Kiev. The woman has her own studio. Anastasia succeeds and does not want to associate everyone with just being Dorna’s wife.

It is not known why the couple suddenly decided to attend the event together and stop hiding their feelings, so far the lovers have revealed their relationship, but the children continue to hide from the public eye.



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