Simona Postlerová faces pain. Her husband is dead, she takes care of her son

Actress Simona Postlerová, who is celebrating her 58th birthday, certainly doesn’t have an easy time. Not only has she had to deal with the loss of her beloved husband, the musician Zdenek Hrášek, who died of cancer six years ago at the age of 62, her son Damián also suffers from a serious illness. How do you manage and deal with it?

Actress Simona Postlerová has two children from her marriage to Zdenek Hrášek. Today my 30-year-old daughter Jana Magdalena and my 28-year-old son Damián, seriously ill. Health problems appeared in his teens. He was a completely normal boy until then.

How did Josef Abrhám Simona Postlerová remember?

“My son is extremely intelligent. He started reading at the age of five, loved poetry more and listened to classical music a lot. Though very quietly, he sensed it. Around the age of thirteen, however, everything changed. Instead of 1, he started wearing 5 from school, stopped talking, was apathetic, and once collapsed over breakfast. I thought he had a heart attack, he was immediately taken to the Motol hospital. There was a cycle of psychiatric and psychological exams, drugs and stays in the Bohnice psychiatric hospital, “the actress confided about her problems in an interview with Radiožurnál.

As it became clear during subsequent medical examinations, Damián is autistic and Asperger’s syndrome was diagnosed. “But besides that, she also has a slightly worse psychiatric illness,” admitted Simona Postlerová, who tries to be the best mother for him and to help him as much as possible.

Her husband lost an eye, she could not fulfill her last wish

Damián lives in his home, where he is well looked after. “I think we learned to live together. My son taught me patience,” said the actress. Some people with autism, for example, are unable to touch, which is partly the case with her Damian.

“When he was little, and he still has some to this day, it was hard to touch his head. I cut his hair in his sleep. Now he’s big, so I have to shave him – and sometimes it’s a struggle,” explained Simona Postlerová , widow for six years.

Her husband also suffered from serious illnesses. In 2006, doctors with him they discovered eye cancer, which they had to remove from him. He later fell ill with liver cancer, which he fought for three years. He died of it in 2016. He knew he was dying and he wanted him to go to the other imaginary shore at home. “He’s been in the hospital for the last few hours because he fell into a coma. I talked to the ambulance to leave him at home, but it wasn’t possible. They just had to do it and take it away, “Postlerová described in an interview with radio Frekvence 1.

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