Turin-Sampdoria 2-0, Juric: “Miranchuk gives us the calm that sometimes we don’t have”

At the end of the match between Turin and Sampdoria, valid for the 14th matchday of Serie A, the granata coach Ivan Juric spoke to Sky Sport to comment on the match. Here are his statements: “The front three did very well. Miranchuk gives us that calm that sometimes we don’t have and Vlasic and Radonjic also did well. In my opinion, the whole team behaved very well.”

The Toro technician then also spoke to DAZN’s microphones: “I accept the match in Bologna because this is a young group that played a very intense game with Milan and there is a misstep. Today we played a good match, right, making a little mistake, and I’m satisfied ”.

Finally, the Croatian coach also commented on the match on the microphones of Torino Channel.

What are your impressions?

“I am very happy with how the boys are growing and today they played a good game by always checking it. I am very satisfied.”

Does success change the meaning of Bologna’s defeat?

“This group is very young and has lost important men but it is building slowly. They do good things and then maybe it falls but I see that they are always on track. There can be a misstep. Today it was important to win and I’m happy”.

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