Similar to cinema.. How did “Hasnaa October” try to escape from a husband’s apartment?


Tuesday 29 November 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

Investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Giza Security Directorate revealed new circumstances in the death of a woman while trying to escape from her common-law husband’s apartment in the city on Oct. 6.

Search and investigation efforts supervised by Brigadier General Muhammad Amin, head of investigations in the October sector, concluded that the 21-year-old deceased had brought bed sheets and made a rope out of them that was not tightly tied to the balcony wall of the building. ‘apartment . The previously prepared knot could not bear the weight of the lady, which she untied, falling lifeless from the third floor.

A woman who has defeated the devil, has brought together two spouses, one legal and the other customary, seeking to satisfy her whims. Her deceived husband gave her the title of wife through the legal officer, while her lover granted her weak love, sweet words and a forbidden relationship in her shadow that finally tragically took her life.

5 months ago a woman in her twenties met a boy about five years older than her, they exchanged admiring glances and then telephone conversations, before the steering wheel turned to meet the two lovers in the latter’s apartment in the City of October 6th.

It was the beginning of the end. A clandestine relationship was born between the woman and her lover, which resulted in a ritual marriage – to become the wife of two men at the same time – but soon she got tired of staying at the latter’s house to leave without introduction after the divergences between them intensified.

A few weeks ago, the 20-year-old returned to the residence of her common-law husband, who heard insults and violence, and even threatened her with harm if she ran away again. This time the lover understood what was going on in the mind of the beautiful woman and met her cunning with an unexpected reaction.

The keeper of the criminal record decided – according to his criminal record – to close the door as soon as he left to prevent his beloved from running away without knowing what could have happened.

Last night the woman tried to escape from the third floor balcony, but she fell lifeless to the floor, so the owner of the apartment received a phone call saying: “Get to your wife, she’s dead”.

It took just a few minutes for the policemen to arrive, led by Colonel Amr Hegazy, inspector of the Central October Division, and the twenty-year-old’s body was found, bleeding, while wearing her clothes.

Investigations by Lieutenant Colonel Islam Al-Mahdawi, head of investigations of the Second October Department, and his assistant Major Ahmed Youssef showed that there was no criminal suspicion in the death and that the deceased tried to escape detention. husband’s habitual , only to die. He was arrested and taken to the department.

An ambulance transported the body to the refrigerator of the central hospital on October 6, and a report was issued, which was forwarded by Major General Abdel Aziz Selim, director of investigations in Giza, to the prosecutor’s office, which authorized the burial and ordered the defendant to be jailed pending investigation.

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