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Shows: Magaly Medina ignores Mario Irivarren in an interview with Stephanie V

During the meeting between the host and the influencer, the Magpie indicated that the member of ‘Esto es Guerra’ cannot be compared to the boyfriends that the infuencer has had because he does not give Chanel away.

Magaly Medina I continue to question the life of influencer abroad that Stephanie Valenzuela. At his insistence, the Magpie had several mishaps, one of them related to a comment quite against Mario Irivarren, to the point that the same influencer had to make him see that he was saying nonsense.

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“Is that the only boyfriend who gives you wallets?” questioned Magaly Medina to Stephanie Valenzuela. In this regard, the also singer spoke of the portfolios that she gave him Mario Irivarren. “It was very nice, he gave me wallets, clothes, purses”, expressed the model.

“You are not going to compare a leg that GUESS gives you with Chanel”, Magaly Medina said. The Urraca’s malicious comment was answered by a defiant and proud Stephanie Valenzuela, who told her “there is nothing wrong with being given GUESS, you give what you have,” said the influencer on the journalist’s show.

Magaly Medina makes class comment against Mario Irivarren (TROME)


Stephanie Valenzuela questions journalist from Magaly Medina (TROME)
Magaly Medina responds to Stephanie Valenzuela for calling her rat (TROME)


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