Entertainment A great fright for Prince Charles, a man faints...

A great fright for Prince Charles, a man faints before him


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A special moment for Prince Charles. One of the employees lost consciousness while visiting a supermarket.

This Thursday, Prince Charles went to an Asda supermarket in the city of Bristol in England. He wished to congratulate the employees who continued to work despite the health crisis. As he exchanged a few words with one of the employees, the latter began to waver before passing out. Charles, somewhat surprised, tried to hold him back but in vain. He then approached the man while keeping these distances, given the context.

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Quickly, the surrounding personnel intervened and the man received first aid. He was quickly put back on his feet and was even able to continue his conversation with the Prince before he finished his visit.

The scene was immortalized on video and quickly went around the net. Fortunately more fear than harm.

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