Coronavirus Bulletin: all the news today – October 18

The Dpcm is expected today for a further containment of the infection. Spadafora defends the gyms. Almost 40 million cases worldwide. In the UK there is talk of the vaccine after Christmas

There is great anticipation for the new Dpcm that the Prime Minister Conte will illustrate in the evening. Last night’s CDM has not yet resolved all the doubts regarding the measures to be taken to contain the spread of the coronavirus: we remain divided between those who want to give a drastic squeeze and those who, like the premier himself, think that a certain moderation in order not to cause excessive damage to the country, especially at the economic level. At the moment, a government-Regions meeting called by Minister Boccia is underway.

Ministry of Sport: “No decision on gyms”

On the sports front, there are those who are pressing for the suspension of amateur activities (as already decided in Lombardy) and the closure of swimming pools and gyms. But from the Ministry of Sport in the morning they specified: “No decision has yet been taken regarding the closure of gyms and swimming pools, the sector has faced huge expenses to adapt its spaces to safety protocols, and there is no scientific evidence report outbreaks in relation to individual training in controlled places. It is necessary to evaluate whether it is worse to push thousands of enthusiasts and young people into city parks or to continue, perhaps with greater controls, with regulated activities. on the contrary, definitive closures “.

Parma, the infected rise to seven

The positive players of Parma are still on the rise. After six yesterday, the molecular swabs carried out yesterday evening in Udine highlighted another “asymptomatic case, which was promptly isolated”, writes the club on the website. All the others are negative: the team, as per protocol, will therefore be able to face Udinese today at 6 pm. Yesterday the ASL had tried to block the trip.

Another positive for Turin

After yesterday’s three (one player and two staff members), a new positive player was found in Turin this morning. The team was already in isolation and today at 3 pm they will play regularly against Cagliari. (To learn more, please click here).

Antonio Ricci hospitalized

Antonio Ricci, the “father” of “Striscia la Notizia”, ​​is at the hospital in Albenga (Savona) after having tested positive for Covid-19. The hospitalization took place for precautionary reasons, on the decision of Ricci himself and his family together with the doctors. The news was confirmed by the family who “have full confidence in the work of the team that is treating him”.

Almost 40 million cases worldwide

Infections in the world are now traveling towards 40 million. This is what Johns Hopkins University records, which reports over 39 million and 700 thousand cases, with the United States always in the lead (over eight million), followed by India and Brazil. Spain is the most affected EU country, in seventh place with over 936,000 cases. Over the one million and 100 thousand victims worldwide.

United Kingdom, vaccine after Christmas?

The UK health system is reportedly preparing to introduce a coronavirus vaccine shortly after Christmas. This is what the Sunday Times reports, which reports statements made in private by Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer of the NHS. Van-Tam told lawmakers last week that phase three testing of the vaccine created at Oxford University and manufactured by AstraZeneca means mass distribution is on the horizon as early as December.


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