Short stature Ihab Yassin lives for the parkour sport

No obstacle is too high for him

If you watch Ihab Yassin doing his hobby, you can quickly get dizzy: The 25-year-old student loves parkour. He moves as nimbly and artistically as possible over all kinds of obstacles that the city of Frankfurt has to offer. With a height of 1.30 meters, Ihab is one of around 100,000 short people in Germany. In the video, he tells us why that doesn’t restrict him, but rather offers him completely new opportunities in parkour sport.

Ihab is fighting for more acceptance

Because of Ihab’s short stature, it happens now and then that people do not trust him to do certain things or even deny his abilities. The 25-year-old, on the other hand, pursues a central message with his hobby: Every person is unique and something special. His smaller body size, for example, opens up new opportunities for him that are withheld from other people with a “normal” body size. “My primary wish is that society really understands that people with disabilities are not handicapped per se – but that they also have their options in certain other things and can take advantage of them!”

In his spare time, Ihab also teaches parkour children to children. And they don’t see Ihab as a person with restrictions, but rather as a super teacher!

Author TV report: Juliana Müller – thinks Ihab Yassin is a great athlete who amazes people and at the same time makes them aware that you can do anything despite physical limitations.


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