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Shopping in Germany: A Comparison of Prices and Quality with Czech Republic

17.01.2024 19:55 | Reportage

A two-kilogram package of apples, when a kilo comes to about 24 crowns. No Poland, only Germany. Spanish tomatoes on sale for just over twenty crowns per kilo. Rapeseed oil a liter for about 35 crowns. No Ukraine, only Germany. We stopped at the ALDI market again, this time in Regensburg. And we weren’t alone. “I’m starting to feel ashamed of our shopping trips. And people take pictures of it and send it to their friends, it’s just funny,” said a Czech woman who lives in Germany and can compare prices.


Václav Fiala

Description: German supermarket ALDI

And we thought we’d just go for a few things and move on. But that didn’t work. Looking at the shelves, the price difference was more than striking.

Nowhere abroad, but home country!


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Another important thing is the origin of the goods. No Poland, Ukraine, Baltics. In addition to Bavaria and Germany, for example, southern European countries, then traditionally France for cheese. Wine berry seedless from South Africa, no India, or even Peru. Kiwi not far from here, i.e. from Italy. Nor were the apples from Austria or Italy, but only from local orchards.

Traditional branded chocolates between 25 and 50 crowns. With a variety of flavors and fillings not seen in our country. Gelatin bears, small packages for 20 kroner, large ones only 10 kroner more expensive, so it’s worth it. Classic NIMM 2 vitamin candies under fifty crowns, but real “bags”. A pack of different flavors, more than five types – filled, gelatin, chewy, classic.

Vitamins with real vitamins

Just take a bite of the fruit – brown bananas are immediately thrown away by the staff, unlike us, when the fruit remains moist and rotten in the crates. The popular red orange, which is practically unknown in our country, costs around 35 crowns per kilo. And also 100% juice from it, not pasteurized or from concentrate, but nicely pressed from ripe fruits. You will pay 60 crowns for that. Especially when the packaging is plastic and transparent.

What we said about bananas also applies to root vegetables or potatoes. There is nothing blackened, mushy. Unlike us, the staff immediately throws it away. In some of our supermarkets, it will be cleverly turned around – maybe someone will catch on and buy it. And rather than deal with the torture of a complaint, he takes it home with him and then throws it away anyway.

A bunch of radishes is really big, not just a few bulbs. It costs 25 crowns, but we can do that too.

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With us and there, or Ostudy bucket

“It’s just a shame,” we hear a woman’s voice behind us. The Czech woman who married here has the opportunity to measure. “I’m starting to feel ashamed of our shopping trips. And people are taking pictures of it and sending it to their friends, it’s just hilarious.”

Local farmers also have problems when the chains try to push them lower and lower, slowly below costs. But for the reasons that they don’t sell at a higher price – unlike the markets here – they, on the contrary, like to increase their margin. On both sides of the border, contributions to leaflets and events, promotions and the like apply. However, the Czech custom is to “list”, i.e., the launch of a new product on the market, when the Czech chain of the foreign mother asks for some not exactly small money, which is a major obstacle for small manufacturers in getting their products onto the shelves. Foreigners don’t know this, on the contrary, in our country this additional source of profits for hypermarkets is very popular and they are very reluctant to get rid of it.

Netherlands? No. I prefer Poland…

And we go further. Cheese – it’s still a beloved classic. Dutch Gouda 150 grams for 60 crowns, it is difficult to compare with us, because the one from the Netherlands is not available and will be replaced by an identical type from Poland, which is relatively cheap among our neighbors, but here it reaches the Dutch price, although the package is 50 grams lighter. Even the machine-baked pretzel is cheaper at ALDI, it costs less than one euro, and in our country it is sold at markets and events for at least 30 crowns.

Beer prices did not rise, wine prices remained stable. The same can be said about sausages, fish, canned goods, but also about drugstores, towels, toilet paper and so on. Even those small pickles cost at least five crowns less in Germany than here. But more like 10 to 15. Pickled corn with chili, honey and garlic is a hit here, which hasn’t arrived to us yet.

Oh the “different” tastes

The price of the jams is also significantly lower, at least the ten crown is simply a difference – of course, upwards… In addition, they are not sweetened with artificial glucose-fructose syrup, but with sugar. Added pectin, no chemicals to replace the canning classic. And those tastes completely unknown to us. Composition 75 percent fruit share. Types like black cherries with pomegranate or tangerine with passion fruit. Completely unknown in our markets, they sometimes appear only in the markets – imported, for example, from ALDI.

Return to the past or Visitors in the opposite guard

And so we can continue. We’d rather not write about Nutella, it’s already sloppy enough. Peanut butter and other treats are comparable in price, but the composition.

“You wouldn’t even buy paprika from Romania or Bulgaria here, let alone something from Ukraine. Even so, we took Hungary at our mercy,” laughs a well-dressed and smiling Czech woman living in Regensburg. “When I go to my family in the Czech Republic, I bring them a car full of things. Like velvet. Seriously, a shame…”

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