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Sheinbaum offers dialogue and growth with well-being

Acapulco, Gro. Disagreement is inherent to democracy; what’s important is to put in front all the coincidences to take advantage of the next six years and continue working in this historic moment that the country has to promote development, emphasized Claudia Sheinbaum, presidential candidate of the Let’s Keep Making History coalition (Morena, PT and PVEM).

In front of the financial sector, convened at the 87th Banking Convention held in this port, he outlined the irreducible points of his economic proposal: growth surnamed with well-being and sustainability. He promised to respect the autonomy of the Bank of Mexico, return to balance in public finances and consolidate the infrastructure projects of the current administration, and to put on the table a tax reform proposal, which is the result of a consensus, he said. .

Sheinbaum was the last presidential contender to appear before the audience at the Banking Convention yesterday. The reception from the bankers – more than 80 percent men – was lukewarm; brief and even non-existent applause from a considerable part of the audience. Her entrance to the premises contrasted with her exit, when she was escorted by members of the financial leadership amidst songs and choruses of President, President!

For 20 minutes, the former head of Government of Mexico City presented her economic proposal from start to finish, without being interrupted by the audience and without referring once to her opponents, as happened with Xóchitl Gálvez, from the Fuerza alliance. and Corazón por México (PAN, PRI and PRD), who began his presentation with attacks on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and la Sheinbaum.

The Morenista assured that the public deficit and debt will not increase in an important wayand the difference in income versus spending, which this year will be 5.9 percent of GDP, is a one-time situation, due to the resource that is being applied in the major strategic works of this administration.

He highlighted that, For now, we are not thinking about a tax reform, and if we were to do so, we would have to talk. He explained that the digitalization and simplification of the national tax system, added to the modernization of customs, will increase income.

When asked if it is possible to reconcile the country after the elections, so that they can work together along the same lines, Sheinbaum stressed that inequalities and poverty have decreased, and with it also social division.

Let’s see how the banks have fared. They have done very well in these six years, despite the pandemic, a product of the work of the banks, but also of the economic situation of the country. Let’s see how the vast majority of businessmen in Mexico have done: they have done well. At the same time, those who have less have also done well.

When asked about the participation of the armed forces in the administration and construction of public works, he stated: For now it is like this and we have to keep it that way, evaluate how it is working and, in any case, change the situation.

Despite criticism from the construction industry, which is said to be excluded from large works, the presidential candidate considered how rapid the growth of the sector has been that the private sector is also participating. What has been done so far could not have been built without the conjunction of both (Army and private).

After her participation, Sheinbaum was accompanied by part of the financial and business leadership, including the presidents of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Francisco Cervantes, and of Banca Mifel, Daniel Becker, as well as José de Jesús Rodríguez, of Canaco , and they sang him a fragment of Lifetime, performed by Emmanuel, among others, and the deputy Antonio Pérez Garibay interrupted with the choir President, President!

Sheinbaum attended the meeting in Acapulco accompanied by Marcelo Ebrard; Juan Ramón de la Fuente and his economic advisor, Altagracia Gómez. As she left, Julio Carranza, president of the Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM), also intercepted her with a request: Claudia, some bankers want to take photos with you. The candidate returned to the auditorium to take a photo with the businessmen.

Later, outside a space reserved for the Morenista, a group of businessmen and part of their team were waiting. Xóchitl Gálvez passed a few meters away without crossing Sheinbaum, and she stopped waiting for someone to follow her. Nobody did it. In the end, the opposition candidate left the premises and got into her truck to continue with her agenda in Acapulco. The standard bearer of Let’s Continue Making History remained at the event site for a couple more hours.

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