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She is Vladimir Putin’s new lover – 2024-02-19 01:19:13

Putin has allegedly found a new sweetheart, according to Russian social media channels.

The president of Russia, who keeps his private life hidden from the public Vladimir Putin71, has found a new lover – at least if the rumors circulating on Russian-language social media are to be believed.

The British tabloids Daily Mail and Mirror have reported on the unverified claims. According to them, Putin has recently set his sights on the head of the Safe Internet League, which controls the Russian Internet to Ekaterina Mizulina39.

Mizulina is known in Russia for her anti-Ukraine opinions. He plays an important role in the Kremlin’s efforts to control information circulating on the Internet. His mother is Jelena Mizulina is a long-time Russian politician who is remembered for his extreme nationalist opinions.

Rumors about the relationship seem to have started on Russian Telegram channels. Among other things, the anonymous Kremlevskaya Tabakerka channel, which is allegedly close to the Kremlin, says citing its sources that Putin and Mizulina have gotten closer very recently.

Yekaterina Mizulina, head of the Safe Internet League, which controls the Russian Internet, is allegedly Vladimir Putin’s new lover. Stella Pictures

Like Barbie

Later, a Russian human rights activist Olga Romanova commented on the relationship between Putin and Mizulina for a Ukrainian TV channel.

– Katja Mizulina is definitely to Putin’s taste. Like Barbie, it has always suited Putin, Romanova said.

Romanov compared Mizulina to Putin’s previous alleged lover Svetlana to Krivonogihwho is said to have a child with Putin.

– Putin is 71 years old, let’s not engage in age discrimination. The man is in full health, so why not? Romanov said.

Romanov noted that like Putin’s other alleged lover Alina Kabajeva, Mizulina also supports traditional values. According to media reports, Kabaeva and Putin have at least two children together.

Mizulina graduated from London’s School of Oriental and African Studies in 2004. She has a degree in art history and Indonesian language.

Before his current career, Mizulina worked as a translator for the Russian state. Mizulina supports extensive internet censorship and fines and other sanctions against traditional media and social networks.

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