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She injects fecal matter into her son with leukemia

An Indiana woman who admitted to injecting her son with faeces was sentenced.

Tiffany Alberts was sentenced on Thursday December 26, 2019 to seven years in prison and five years probation for six serious facts and a charge of negligence, according to the Marion city attorney’s office. In September, she had already been acquitted of an attempted murder charge.

In 2016, Riley Children’s Hospital contacted police after the son, who was 15 at the time, was being treated for leukemia and developed persistent and unexplained blood infections. Blood tests revealed organisms usually present in the stool. A hospital nurse observed, using surveillance images, Tiffany Alberts injecting something into her son’s blood.

Treatment of boy arrested for two months

The mother admitted to investigators that she had collected her son’s feces and injected him with an infusion. She said she did it to move him to a different floor in the hospital, thought he would receive better treatment. Infections forced doctors to stop treatment chemotherapy of the boy for almost two months, which increased his risk of relapse and lowered his survival rate.

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