she attacks Dadinho who has gone to do “the zouave”

Camille Froment is at the end of her life. Between the stay in the emergency room for her daughter and the deafening silence of the father, she saturates.

Camille Froment atomizes Dadinho!

To think that Zélyana will soon be one year old. Since her birth in February, the little princess has gone through hospital stays. His mother Camille Froment no longer knows what to do to appease her torments. It’s really not easy to see doctors tumble down when you are not really aware of what is going on in your heart. Besides, one would have thought that the daddy of this treasure as high as three apples was going to support her. Alas, it is not. This urinary tract infection will cause a tsunami among the fans. Even if the drugs manage to eradicate it, the good days disappear in favor of anger. Rather judge!

The double penalty

When she has something to say, Camille Froment does not go overboard. First of all, she associates herself with the trouble of her chip. ” I saw my daughter in too much pain, and she was crying in pain. “ After a few days of additional examinations, she warns her subscribers that the disease has taken hold. Proud of herself, she seems to have done really well to have gone to the pediatric emergency room. Alas, hardly has she announced this wonderful comforting news, than she sinks into depression on another subject. Where did rapper Dadinho go?

During his daughter’s exams, he distanced himself from Camille Froment. The latter throws a bottle into the sea and confides freely to her followers. The least thatObjection can tell is that she seems disappointed with his behavior. ” Normally, the role of a father and a mother is to be together at such times. ” Without ever pronouncing her musician’s name, she will tell us about her puzzling attitude. ” Apparently her father has other interests that are more interesting than being around his daughter and her daughter’s mother at times like this. He prefers to go do the zouave, but hey each has his priorities “

When Camille Froment smashes Dadinho’s ego!

Until now, she had hidden her face. But the joke has lasted long enough! This must stop ! “It does not date from yesterday as they say. I am quite simply human and I think that the place of a father is not to be outside to the right to the left, but rather with his daughter. ” As far as she is concerned, she fully assumes that he is annoying her. More than ever, she believes that he does not have to punish Zélyana for the drift of their relationship. Who will have the last word?

For the time being, Dadinho does not seem to be questioning himself. Tired of Camille Froment’s excesses on social networks, he totally throws the blame on her. Moreover, he takes care not to discuss the health of his little girl, preferring to settle accounts with the mother. By carrying out her portrait in vitriol, she would have crossed the bounds of limits. So in your opinion, dear reader ofObjection … Who is right and who is wrong? How to decide between them? We ignore it and obviously this is not the first time that the situation has reached a point of no return. By dint of plugging the breaches, everything ends up collapsing with loss and crash!

The double penalty

Count on the latter to react. Even if she admits having frequent anger, she certifies to us that she “ go up the towers fast, but I go down just as fast. ” There again, without giving reason to her (future ex) companion, Camille Froment reminds us that it is Zélyana’s balance that is at stake, and not just a couple’s story. She concludes by telling us. “We are going through a difficult period. Whatever the outcome: I prefer to focus on my daughter“. Will this questioning lead to a rupture? We promise, as soon as we hear from this couple like no other, we’ll let you know right away. Therefore, see you soon for new adventures and more for the next issue!


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