What becomes of Lindsay Lohan, the former Hollywood child star?

Her red hair and face captured the hearts of audiences in the film The four of us in 1998. Many things, good and not so good, have happened in Lindsay Lohan’s life since that role that revealed her in Hollywood. The latest news is that the American actress, now 35, announced on November 28 her engagement to a certain Bader Shammas. The news surprised more than one. However, the couple have been dating for more than two years and would have met at a music festival in Dubai, the country in which the actress currently resides.

By venturing on Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram account, Internet users discover a whole different face of the former Disney star. It must be said that after having shone in cult films of the 2000s such as Freaky Friday or Mean Girls, the actress saw her career slip through her fingers as she plunged into a self-destructive spiral. While she had a promising future in Hollywood, her image deteriorated considerably in the upper echelons of cinema, due in particular to her addictions to alcohol and drugs.

In 2010, Lindsay Lohan truly experienced a descent into hell. Evidenced by his conviction to 90 days in prison and his multiple stays in detoxification centers. The actress was at the time expressed on social networks about the difficulties she encountered in dealing with the disease of addiction. Her recovery was all the more difficult as she had to deal with the oppressive presence of a horde of paparazzi always ready to draw their objectives to capture her every move.

Tranquility rediscovered in Dubai

Naturally, the former child-star wanted to get away from all this media din to take charge of her life. In 2014, the actress moved to Dubai, which seems to have become for her a land of serenity. “There is a certain tranquility that I find here. There are no paparazzi, no cameras and that’s very important to me, ”she said during an interview with W Magazine in 2018.

This new life in the United Arab Emirates has borne fruit for Lindsay Lohan who seems to have found a certain balance and is showing herself in a new light on social networks. From now on, the American actress is much more productive and multiplies the projects. As proof, the former star of The Ladybug returns released a single in 2020, “Back to Me”, then took her first steps in the theater in the play Speed-the-Plow. She also got involved in the creation of several clubs in Greece, which allowed her to launch a brief reality TV show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, in 2019.

As for the screen, Lindsay Lohan was able to reconnect with the camera in 2018 by participating in eight episodes of the British series Sick Note with Rupert Grint. The following year, the bride-to-be then starred in the horror film. Among the Shadows. But its most exciting project should undoubtedly be the one planned for 2022. On November 12, Netflix indeed unveiled a first image of its new Christmas comedy. Without specifying the title, the platform simply showed Lindsay Lohan, all smiles, in the middle of a winter walk alongside Chord Overstreet (Glee). A comeback hailed by Internet users and… a second chance in Hollywood? The actress seems in any case to have opened a new chapter in her career.



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