‘Sex and the City’ actress Cynthia Nixon goes on hunger strike to demand ceasefire in Gaza

NEW YORK.- Actress Cynthia Nixon, known for playing Miranda Hobbes in the series ‘Sex and the City’, joined a five day hunger strikewhich started symbolically at the gates of the White House with the purpose of ask for ceasefire in Gaza.

In photographs shared by some of the protesters on X (formerly Twitter), Nixon holds a banner that reads “Biden, you are starving Gaza. Cease fire, now!”and in other images she is seen reading a text in memory of the people killed in the conflict.

Furthermore, in a video published on the same social network, she appears sitting on the floor while listening to New York state legislator, Zohran Kwame, read the names of fatalities in Gaza to “humanize” them.

Nixon’s children – the result of her marriage to Danny Mozes, whom she divorced in 2003 – are Jewish, and that has not prevented the actress from publicly taking a stand against the Government of Israel and in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza.

“I am a mother of Jewish children, whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors, and my son has asked me to use my voice to demand that ‘never again’ means ‘never again’ for everyone”, he stated this Tuesday in front of the Capitol in statements to the media.

The slogan “never again” has been widely used by Jewish communities following the Jewish Holocaust, as a reminder to humanity to never allow genocide again.

Nixon’s voice thus joins that of a group of American Jews, called Jewish Voices for Peace, who are very critical of Israel and who have made some of the most striking proposals in recent weeks to call for an end to the war.

The actress also expressly asked Joe Biden to be empathetic and to “look at the children of Gaza and imagine that they are his own children.”

Furthermore, in a video published by Middle East Eye on X, Nixon explains that the hunger strike is about drawing attention to Biden about the “deprivations” that Palestinians are suffering, many of them “on the verge of starvation.”

2023-11-28 22:29:01
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