Azka Corbuzier’s response to Kalina being pregnant with Vicky Prasetyo’s child

Jakarta, Insertlive

Kalina Oktarani share the good news because she is pregnant with Vicky Prasetyo’s child.

Kalina admits that she is pregnant at her age young make him feel things were different when she was pregnant with Azka for the first time.

“I was nauseous, I thought I had an ulcer and I took medicine for an ulcer. At night, I definitely feel nauseous. When I found out I was pregnant, Vicky always said that I don’t need to go up and down but I’m still stubborn. Maybe the difference in 16 years of pregnancy is really different It used to be 24 years old, now it’s 40 years old,” said Kalina, met at the Trans TV Studio, Monday (12/7).

“Before, I didn’t like smelling perfume, now it’s okay if now sweaty and fast so tired. Husband is more protective for strict procedures. Mas Vicky wants it to be a man, but whatever it is, the important thing is to be healthy,” he continued.

However, Kalina admitted that her only son from marriage with Deddy Corbuzier, Azka Corbuzier, welcomed her pregnancy.

“Azka said, basically whatever makes Mama happy, Azka is happy too, congratulations Mama,” concluded Kalina who immediately showed a look of happiness.


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