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In just a few days, millions of people receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will receive the first of two payments that will take place in December.

Social Security will give payments of up to $914 to people who file taxes individually, with the first payment scheduled for Friday, December 1.

The second payment, which is actually an advance on the January payment, will be made on Friday, December 29.

The January payment will be advanced because January 1 is a holiday, and it will be given on December 29 because the 30th and 31st fall on a weekend.

It is important to note that the maximum payment amount varies depending on the way recipients file their taxes.

For those who file individually, the maximum amount is $914 dollars per monthwhile couples filing taxes jointly can receive up to $1,371 per month.

Essential people, who live with someone who receives SSI benefits to provide them with necessary care, can receive up to $458 per month.

Not all beneficiaries will receive the maximum amount, but it is possible to obtain a personalized calculation using the Social Security Administration calculator.

To be eligible for these payments, recipients must be at least 65 years old and meet certain financial requirements.

Some people under age 65 may qualify for benefits if they are partially blind or have a physical or mental disability that significantly limits their daily activities.

Los children could also benefit and receive SSI payments if they are partially blind or have a condition that limits their activities for at least one year.

This also applies to children whose parents do not receive SSI benefits or have limited income and savings.

It should be noted that these SSI payments are different from retirement payments.

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