Sevillian NGO Africa Arco Iris administers 8,500 vaccines in Ivory Coast – 20 years of solidarity work


The Sevillian NGO Africa Arco Iris will administer some 8,500 vaccines against meningitis and typhoid fever to children up to twelve years of age in the Ivory Coast. With this purpose, an expedition will leave this Sunday from the Andalusian capital towards the aforementioned country. An initiative that began in 2005 with the Seville Institute of Pediatrics, with Dr. Alfonso Carmona, current president of the College of Physicians, as one of its precursors.

The president of the NGO, Jesús Mejías, in statements to Europa Press, highlights that in these almost two decades they have already supplied some 960,000 doses and that the goal is to reach one million vaccines.

The Rainbow Africa team, made up of a small number of people who travel twice each year from Spain for this solidarity work, carries out this campaign in close collaboration with the authorities of the Ivory Coast, “following at all times the requests of the health authorities of the country”.

Minors, after completing their vaccination record, usually go out “class by class” to receive the doses. In this sense, the vaccines are sold and provided by the Ministry of the Ivory Coast and the health professionals who make up this device are in charge of administering them.

Despite the long history of this NGO in this part of the African continent, “there are many difficulties that we encounter, since it is a country with many inconveniences,” says the president of the social entity, who recognizes that, “in difficult years of war, when we have traveled from end to end and from North to South, approximately 600 kilometers, they have tried to rob us. Luckily, we travel with police officers provided to us by the Ivorian Government.”

Mejías has thanked the support provided for the expedition by the Provincial Councils of Córdoba and Seville, the Cajasol Foundation, the town councils of Dos Hermanas, Alcalá de Guadaíra, Los Palacios and Lora del Río, as well as the Parliament of Andalusia and the aforementioned Hispalense Institute of Pediatrics.

The NGO also promoted the creation of a school in that African country with the help of the Cajasol Foundation and the Seville Provincial Council.

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