Former goalkeeper Emerson Ferretti is elected new president of Bahia

Emerson Ferretti will lead the Bahia association for the 2024-2026 period. Credit: Disclosure

The Esporte Clube Bahia association has a new president. This Saturday (2), the tricolor members elected Emerson Ferretti as their new representative. He will replace Guilherme Bellintani and will have a term of office valid for three years (2024 – 2026).

Former tricolor goalkeeper, Emerson received 1,089 votes. He surpassed Marcelo Sant’Ana, who came in second place, with 774 votes. Marcos Verhine (673 votes), Leonardo Martinez (485 votes) and Jailson Baraúna (158 votes) appear next.

Emerson Ferretti (União Tricolor): 1089 votes

Marcelo Sant’Ana (Tricolor Revolution): 774 votes

Marcus Verhine (Most Independent Bahia): 673 votes

Leonardo Martinez (100% Bahêa): 485 votes

Jailson Baraúna (Um Novo Bahêa): 158 votes

Emerson Ferretti is the first president elected exclusively for the Esporte Clube Bahia association. Since the club’s transformation into a Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) and sale of 90% of the shares to Grupo City, the investment fund has been responsible for football management. Heritage sites such as CT Evaristo de Macedo and Fazendão were passed on to City.

Among his duties, the president of the association will have the role of supervising the SAF contract. The management will also occupy a seat on the club’s Board of Directors as the association is a minority partner (10% of shares).

It will also be up to the new president to decide whether the Bahia association will invest in other sports that are not linked to football and futsal (modalities exclusive to the SAF). In the management platform presented during the electoral period, Emerson promised to include the tricolor in Olympic competitions and expand the club’s brand.

Leader of the União Tricolor ticket, Emerson has Paulo Tavares as vice-president.

Emerson Ferretti is 52 years old and was a professional football player. He began his career at Grêmio, but became an idol at Bahia, the club he played for between 2000 and 2005. With 266 games, he is the goalkeeper who has worn the tricolor shirt the most in official games in history.

With the Squadron, he won the Copa do Nordeste twice (2001 and 2002) and the Campeonato Baiano in 2001.

In addition to the four lines, Emerson has a degree in administration and a postgraduate degree in Sports Management, developed projects with the City of Salvador and the Government of the State of Bahia, and was president of Ypiranga from 2010 to 2017.

He becomes the fourth president of Bahia in the “Democratic Era”, which began in 2013. Before him, the following commanded the tricolor: Fernando Schmidt, Marcelo Sant’Ana and Guilherme Bellintani.

In addition to voting for the new president of Bahia, the members elected the new Deliberative Council. The Tricolor Revolution Group received the most votes and received 21 seats in the body. See the result:

Tricolor Revolution – 632 votes (21 seats)

100% Bahêa – 464 votes (15 seats)

Simply Bahia – 478 votes (15 seats)

Independent Tricolor – 423 votes (14 seats)

União Bahia – 380 votes (12 seats)

+Bahia – 269 votes (8 seats)

Bahêa do Povo – 244 votes (8 seats)

Bahia Na Veia – 212 votes (7 votes)

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