Sevilla FC: The Champions League does not understand the happy ending

The Champions have no mercy. This was announced once again by Borussia Dortmund al Sevilla FC. there was not happy ending for Julen Lopetegui on the Sevilla bench. The Germans again exhibited the shortcomings of a team that fails in both areas y it does not dominate any aspect of the game for all ninety minutes. Caste and courage did not help in a defeat that complicates the future of the competition too much.


It is a maxim in the world of football that, to win, you have to dominate both areas. In this, the team led by Julen Lopetegui received honors not so long ago. A solid, impenetrable block in the back that would kill you whenever he got the chance. However, against Borussia Dortmund, it became clear again that current Sevilla FC are a shadow of that team.

Perhaps they are right in saying, like Julen Lopetegui, that Sevilla FC deserved more against Borussia Dortmund. But the truth is that the bulky result reflects once again that the Sevilla team is guilty of making mistakes in both areas. The defensive failures They have clarified once again the hole behind which the team suffers. Impossible to leave his goal at zero, the attack of every rival shakes the stands of Nervión. They were four goals conceded but, in another game, it could have been seven.

The mistakes behind are even more evident when not even the opposite goal succeeds. The statistics speak for themselves: 20 shots, 6 of which among the three suits (only one less than Dortmund) and a goal. The inability to cope with the goal again burdened the team, which at times glimpsed a possible comeback, with obvious opportunities to enter the game, especially with the boots of Youssef En-Nesyri. But this has become a utopia with the final and final blow against it.


Borussia Dortmund revived the ghosts of Sevilla FC’s past during their trip to Nervión. Karim Adeyemi Last year was a real nightmare for the Sevillian defense, which exposed the Sevillian defense once again. Another one that stood out again was Jude Bellingham. The Englishman had already won with Borussia Dortmund two seasons ago. Both made it clear once again that this Sevilla FC is not prepared to keep rivals at bay with flag-like physique and speed.

The first part of Borussia Dortmund was practically traced back to that of that visit in the second round of the Champions League. It was enough for the Germans to repeat that game to pass the Sevilla team again. By imposing their physique on the pitch, they blew up the game as soon as they had the chance. The Rakitic, Jordán, Suso or Navas were outclassed in every duel. Sevilla FC were once again a toy in the hands of a rival who took advantage of it lack of strength, physicality and speed of those of Lopetegui.


Of the little that can be saved from reading Sevilla FC’s defeat against Borussia Dortmund are the wish that some players put on the playing field. Perhaps for the well-known farewell of Lopetegui or because gain the minutes before the arrival of Sampaoli, the truth is that sometimes we saw a more experienced Sevilla FC, who showed some pride. With the score of 0-3, the start of the second half even gave a glimpse of a threat of returnLike the one of that magical night against Liverpool.

The caste and courage of the Seville anthem were sometimes reflected on the pitch, motivated by the pushed by a grandstand that did not leave the team alone. However, once again Borussia Dortmund took it upon themselves to bring down some players and fans who dreamed of saying goodbye with honors to Julen Lopetegui. And it is that high-level football, like the Champions League, does not understand fairy tales or a happy ending.

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