Weather forecast for this Thursday morning in New York with clear skies, sunshine and dry weather | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

good weekend.lucrecia: it will be Thursdaynice, Friday will benice and Saturday will be theopen freezer. butwe will have cool temperatures.seriously we owe it to the systemsthat are around.We are talking about this system.low pressure that was thatsolicited, lasted several days,dall’abado wasthat affects our region. we seewhich is far from usarea and remains a system ofhigh pressure which helps usincrease temperatures aexcept ThursdayIt’s Friday. if you have to go outto his job, he musttake one of the busestemperatures will be in the50, completely clearto start the day. in hoursin the afternoon, fortunatelywe see the conditions that gorise to 20 degrees, aenter temperatures70 and three. if they are sensitivetemperatures, is to use alight ether in the hours ofmorning. fortunately there isn’twinds. maximum temperatures

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