Red Cross: to Use the fan as a precaution, only when it is really needed NOW

The Red Cross calls on the people in the days of the feline corona virus at as a matter of precaution and after thinking about it, the use of cooling fans is available in public areas. The national Institute for public Health (RIVM), took on this subject recently of an opinion on the matter. The […]

The supervisor reminds the Corendon and TUI in order to voucherbeleid NOW

The rights of the consumer in the arbitration proceedings with the implementation of the voucherregeling for the package. This is stated by the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) from controls. “The PAST has a GARDEN and Corendon pointed out in the rules, and ordered the communications to consumers about their rights,” according to the […]

It’s going to be good with the research, and the antibodies are

1 The reproductiegetal declined prior to June 1, The reproductiegetal R seemed to be very close to 1 coming from the middle of may. That is to say a sick person puts out, on average, more than one person, the epidemic is once again growing. However, in the most recent update of the health and […]

Severity progression of the disease COVID-19 is partly determined by heredity”

Photo: PixxlTeufel, via Pixabay Genetic research has shown that there are locations in the DNA are to determine how sick a person is a coronavirusinfectie. According to a large international study in which the research project of the university medical center groningen, University of Groningen, and biobank Lifelines, to have been a contributory factor. The […]

Strategic: the Hospitals need to catch up, so 770.000 fewer references NOW

The restoration of a number of conventional treatments in hospitals, at the end of may, limited, the Dutch healthcare authority (nederlandse zorgautoriteit / NZa), in a Wednesday report. As possible to the hospitals in the coming months, and to have a great catch up. The Dutch healthcare authority estimated that, in the past few months, […]