Several other Saeima employees may have been infected with Covid-19

For several more The Saeima employees may have been diagnosed with Covid-19, according to unofficial information available to LETA.

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Information was received this week about the disease connected with the Legal Commission of the Saeima. Unofficial information suggests that Covid-19 may have affected at least one other parliamentary commission, the Public Administration and Local Government Commission. There are no deputies among the infected, but the infection has affected the consultants.

Ralph Nemiro, Head of the Saeima Economic Commission (KPV LV) acknowledged that his commission may also be at risk of infection.

According to Nemiro, although so far the Economic Commissions have taken place in a hybrid format, ie some deputies participate in the meetings in person and some – remotely, in mid-October all the deputies attended the commission meeting in person.

Nemiro added that neither he nor members of his commission had yet taken the Covid-19 test. Mr Nemiro said that most of the tests were currently being carried out by Members’ advisers, as most of their work had been organized in person.

Members of the Saeima have been called upon to perform Covid-19 tests as soon as possible in order to identify and prevent wider risks of the spread of the virus in a timely manner. The parliamentarians have received a message from the Saeima Administration with an invitation to test persons who have been on the premises of the Saeima after October 15.

As reported, in connection with the detected case of Covid-19, a member of the Saeima has started testing his contact persons, the Parliament’s Press Service informed. One of the employees of the Legal Commission has fallen ill in the Saeima.

According to the Saeima Press Service, one of the Saeima employees was confirmed to have Covid-19 on October 29. The new Conservative Party (JKP) has confirmed that its representatives on the Committee on Legal Affairs are in isolation from the detection of Covid-19 by a member of the Commission.

In connection with this disease Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) has launched an epidemiological investigation, and the Saeima Administration has provided the necessary support and information to identify close contacts associated with the case, and testing of these individuals on Covid-19 has begun, according to parliament.

Considering the current epidemiological situation, the Saeima sittings are currently held remotely on the e-Saeima platform, the sittings of the Saeima commissions and the work of the employees are also organized as remotely as possible, the representatives of the parliament state.

In order to limit the spread of Covid-19, the Saeima observes the prescribed physical distance and epidemiological safety requirements and precautions and does not allow persons with self-isolation, home quarantine or any signs of respiratory disease, such as fever, cough, sore throat. or shortness of breath.

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