Good kick? Football is still played here at the weekend

It’s getting confusing. This week there were numerous game cancellations in domestic football circles – and yet amateur games are still being played. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the 16 prime ministers decided on Wednesday, among other things, that amateur gaming operations will be suspended from Monday, November 2, due to the increasing corona numbers; this also includes training.

The measures, which also include this rule, apply until the end of November. In about two weeks, however, the group wants to meet again and evaluate the results of the measures by then and adjust the rules if necessary. But what does all of this mean for the football leagues now?


Corona tests are the order of the day in the Bundesliga, the requirements are completely different than in the amateur field. The football professionals are allowed to play throughout November and probably beyond. But: In the package of measures, the Chancellor and Prime Minister have agreed that for the time being no spectators will be allowed into the stadiums. After several thousand were allowed to watch in Wolfsburg, that will be a thing of the past for now. So nothing stands in the way of VfL Wolfsburg’s game at Hertha BSC on Sunday (6 p.m.).

Women’s Bundesliga

Same rules as for men. They too are allowed to play and without an audience. Special constellation at VfL Wolfsburg: On Saturday (2 p.m.) the DFB Cup duel at the regional league team VfL Bochum, actually an amateur club. But even if the West German Football Association were to suspend the game next weekend, Bochum would not be affected in the DFB Cup. In the competition, amateur clubs are also treated like professionals within the framework of the Corona Regulation.

Junior Bundesliga

The A and B youths of VfL Wolfsburg, however, are not in action. On Thursday evening, the DFB had suspended the game for the next weekend for the young leagues. Walter Fricke, DFB Youth Committee Chairman: “We did not make the decision easy for ourselves, but decided to suspend it due to the current situation. We included the clubs in the process by means of a survey and video conference.”


The Regionalliga is officially the highest German amateur league – whether only amateurs really play in the league is another issue. The general suspension of game operations from November 2nd also applies to all regional leagues. The North German Football Association has already canceled the upcoming matchday in the women’s regional league and in the three regional junior leagues. But the men always play again. But here, too, there is a special constellation for VfL Wolfsburg II: VfL was actually supposed to compete at Atlas Delmenhorst on Saturday (2 p.m.), but the corona numbers there are so high that an exchange of home rights was considered. But the idea only lasted for a short time, the game was completely canceled on Wednesday. Curious: Even if the league is supposed to be officially played at the weekend, only the duel between HSC Hannover and FC Oberneuland will take place now.


As of Friday morning, the NFV is still adhering to the requirements of the federal-state conference, the game operations will be suspended from November 2nd – the coming weekend can and should still be played. The two domestic representatives will be on duty again on Sunday. At 2 p.m. Lupo / Martini Wolfsburg receives Eintracht Northeim and MTV Gifhorn has to go to SVG Göttingen. But even after that, the league is over for now.

Regional league and district league

The two leagues are each organized by the NFV Braunschweig district, which on Thursday already suspended the game from next weekend. So there are no state or district league games. And in the leagues – if that is allowed – it will probably not continue in December. District game committee member Thorsten Tunkel said on Thursday: “You cannot expect a club to start out of the cold pants in the league again in December, that makes no sense.”

Wolfsburg district

The Wolfsburg district was very early on with its cancellation, after the federal-state conference on Wednesday it had stopped playing in the evening for the upcoming weekend.

Gifhorn district

After a conference on Thursday morning, those responsible for the Gifhorn district canceled their game days for the coming weekend. District spokesman Sven Bärensprung: “There were no objective reasons why we should have played the game day if everything is canceled from Monday anyway.” This means that the district is in the early winter break, due to small relays there was only one district cup matchday this year. In spring (the start of the second half of the season for adults is on March 7th) there is still enough time for catch-up games.

Youth football

The same applies here: The NFV lets play one more time, but the district has already canceled for the coming weekend. A game day is only scheduled for the Lower Saxony leagues. The A-youth from Lupo / Martini Wolfsburg will have to deal with VfL Bückeburg on Saturday (1 p.m.).

Important: The corona situation is very dynamic, the information was collected on Friday morning (October 30th) and can change until the weekend.

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