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Seven officers on leave after fatal arrest of black American

On Wednesday, the police came with a search and arrest warrant to Andrew Brown. He was suspected of drug possession. The arrest resulted in his death.

Scanner reports reported that Brown was shot in the back by officers when he tried to flee. “We have a man, 42 years old, with a gunshot wound in the back”, is according to CNN.

The arrest is under investigation. In the meantime, seven police officers have been sent on leave. According to CNN, it is not just officers carrying a weapon, but all seven were involved in Brown’s arrest.


The Elizabeth City city council, where the arrest took place, and the Governor of the State of North Carolina have called for bodycam footage of the arrest to be released. Incidentally, this is only possible if a judge orders this.

It is the umpteenth shooting in the US in which a black arrestee is killed. Last week, white cop Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd. He suffocated during his arrest in May last year.

This week also saw the funeral of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man who died when he was shot by an agent. She says she wanted to grab her taser but accidentally fired a gun.

Andrew Brown’s death sparked protests in North Carolina in recent days. These have been peaceful so far. Yesterday a few hundred people would have come to the protest.

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