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The cabinet is prepared to take any restrictive measure necessary to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Prime Minister Mark Rutte made this clear during the press conference after the weekly cabinet meeting. He did not want to speculate or philosophize about conceivable measures, such as a curfew.

“The goal is to reduce the total sum of the movements of people and the number of contact moments,” said Rutte. He pointed out that most catering establishments handle the measures properly, as do theaters and gyms, but the net sum, he says, is that there are many movements of people. That has to be reduced, “because we see that we do not keep to the 1.5 meter distance, which means that we have these increasing infections.”

Increase in the number of infections is disappointing

According to experts, the first results could be visible this weekend of the extra measures taken in six regions last month, where the catering industry had to close earlier and the maximum allowed group size was reduced. The enormous increases in the number of infections in the past week and especially the last days are disappointing, Rutte acknowledged. This increase is serious, but he first wants to have a closer analysis of whether this package has enough effect.

This weekend, the cabinet will examine with experts what the latest figures are and what they mean. On Sunday there will be another session with cabinet members and experts.

The Netherlands in top 3 high contamination rate

The Netherlands, together with France and Spain, is in the top 3 of countries with a high infection rate. “Worse than America. That is very bad ”, said Rutte. According to the prime minister, this means, among other things, that people who are waiting for an operation are concerned that it will not go ahead. And also that healthcare workers know that they have to work terribly hard again, according to the prime minister.

If people follow two basic rules – five feet away and wash hands to pieces – then “we can live a fairly normal life. In which you can relax and work and do beautiful things with your friends, but in a sensible way. ”

Apart from that, the cabinet will in any case come up with a ‘roadmap’, said Rutte. “That must be fairly predictable and say: at that type of level of contamination you can expect this type of measures, both regionally and nationally. We have already come a long way with that. ”

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