Friends of the Earth want to ban advertising in the city center

The association Les Amis de la Terre Côte-d’Or asks in an open letter to Francois Rebsamen, president of Dijon metropolis, the immediate withdrawal of advertisements on street furniture to denounce overconsumption. A new action is scheduled for Wednesday March 3, 2021.

“No to advertising”. This is one of the slogans of the Les Amis de la Terre Côte-d’Or association, which campaigns for the protection of the environment. In a letter addressed to Francois Rebsamen, the mayor of Dijon and president of the metropolis, this association asks that the city withdraw large-format advertising panels as quickly as possible throughout the city. In order to be heard, the association will post this Wednesday, March 3, informative leaflets on the various public billboards.

The association displays militant leaflets against advertising in the streets of Dijon

The association displays militant leaflets against advertising in the streets of Dijon

© Friends of the Earth Côte-d’Or

The association alerts the elected officials of Dijon Métropole on the environmental situation. According to Friends of the Earth, advertising leads to overconsumption that is harmful to the environment.

A contract binding an advertising company to the metropolis at the origin of the conflict

In this open letter dated February 17, the association recalls that François Rebsamen voted in 2018 for the RLPi. The Local Intercommunal Advertising Regulations are a document that certifies that the municipalities must make efforts in terms of removing advertising panels as on bus shelters. This document was voted in 2018 during the city council. Since then 700 signs have been removed or reduced in Dijon Métropole.

Not enough according to the association which asks the metropolis not to renew its contract which binds it with the advertising company Clear Channel. In this open letter, the association cites the city of Grenoble, a pioneer in having suppressed advertising in its city center.

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