Selling Nude Content on OnlyFans, Game Streamer Earns IDR 505 Billion


Controversial female streamer, Kaitlyn Siragusa aka Amouranthdiscloses his income in OnlyFans. The nude content that he offers, is able to reap a total gross income of up to USD 33.7 million or around Rp. 505 billion.

Monitoring results detikINET through his official Twitter, Wednesday (13/7/2022), he also revealed the details of the monthly income of OnlyFans. The results are quite surprising, considering the number of rows themselves are not small.

Of the total gross income, Amouranth itself obtained a net value of USD 27 million or around Rp 404 billion. The average monthly income ranges from USD 1.4 million or around IDR 20.9 billion to USD 1.5 million or around IDR 22.4 billion.



It’s just that according to him, this is not about money, but about the message he wants to convey. However, he did not clearly explain what the caption meant.

Just information, Amouranth It is known for various controversies. He was even blocked on several social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagramuntil Twitch.

Although it was not known at the time, what was the exact reason that made him have to accept this bad luck. Until finally he shifted to another online video platform, namely Youtube.

Previously, this streamer also shocked netizens and their fans. This is considering, he disclosed the purchase of shares of Activision Blizzardwhere at that time there were many scandals within the company.

The purchase value that was disbursed was not kidding, because it reached USD 2 million or around Rp. 28.7 billion. Amouranth argued that his decision had nothing to do with allegations of harassment and abuse at work.

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He seems to be betting, from the acquisition made Microsoft to Activision Blizzard, with the purchase value almost touching USD 69 billion or Rp 991 trillion. Where it is estimated that the stock price will increase when it succeeds.

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